ORK-05 Answer

The previous post ORK-05 was cracked by George (and Amog in part). I guess I should have made the quiz even more abstract. But I thought it should be better if the clues actually lead somewhere unlike Anna University quizzes. 😀

I did think of uploading this audio initially, but I know people have TrackID these days. (Even my phone does) They would have had it cracked in no time. So I thought I’d upload it as a part of the answer.

I present Lux Aeterna

P.S: You should also see a few “unofficial” star wars clips in youtube with Lux in the background. It was really good.



ORK’s come and go on my blog without people so much as reading them. 🙂 Here is yet another installment. (I guess the next one will take some time to come.) As always, I am limiting it to very few question(s). Just one in this case. 😀 Let’s see if you get this one.

As always the first one to answer the question correctly (and completely) shall win the grand prize of 1 Rupee. So fasten up your seat belts, pull up your socks and….. yea that’s about it. Just get the answer right.

Q: Identify each of these pictures and the video and connect them.

P.S: I am leaving the comments open this time.

Custom Image Header

Damn, I have been waiting for some jobless fellow to mention this, but no one has. So , I’ll make a quiz out of it. What does my most recent Custom Header Image signify ?

Remember, no points for answers you think are funny. I hate funny.

ORK – 04 Quiz (Not FAQ’s afterall)

I know, I know. People want me to stop with this ORK business.

This time though, Just one Question. Winner will be determined based on first come first served basis (If ever there are entries. ) 

Answers can be sent to karthik3685@yahoo.comwith the subject reading ORK-04 Answers, latest by….well no deadline. 🙂

1) Connect


You will have to use all of your quizzing acumen to crack this one. Here’s hoping someone will take 1 Rupee from me this time at-least.

Sacrifices to be made

There have been many many symposiums in the last few days and there will be even more in the coming days. Starting from 4th of this month, we had EMF (Engineering Mathematics Festival) where I made the finals of Quiz and Crossie last time over and came second in the quiz. (teaming up with Renju from St.Joseph)  Pity I couldn’t make it in-spite of Gokul and A.J inviting me over. Sorry guys. 😦 The finals of all the math events was on the 5th. On 5th we also had some dept symposium in Jerusalem engineering college. On 5th and 6th, we also had all the department symposiums in Jeppiar Engineering College. Pretty crowded week this.

SSN culturals started yesterday and we also had Sastha engineering colleges symposium yesterday. Hari from SSN had invited me for the SSN general quiz and it’s today. Sad I again can’t make it.

Symposium crazy:

I for one attend every symposium possible. Last semester, in-spite of being denied OD, I bunked classes to attend symposiums and my attendance was something like 70 %. (They can disallow you from writing exams if your attendance is below 75 % ) So, why on earth am I not attending symposiums when I don’t even have college to attend this time over ?

FINAL YEAR PROJECT 😦 – I haven’t even started on it and there’s a lot to do. I am supposed to show the entire working model this coming Thursday and I have no clue what I am doing. I had claimed to have finished certain modules by the first review. Truth is, it was existent only on the power point slides. 😀 SO, now I have to pay for it and sit and slog and make sure that I complete it on time. That reminds me, I need to stop blogging for a while too.

Ametors Quiz – Final Round Questions


I am presenting questions of what was supposed to be the first round in the IT departments quiz (General Trivia). Some of these questions may have been modified later or even removed. It is equally possible that other questions were added. Most of the questions, I am sure you have seen before.(if you were there,on the day of the symposium that is.)

IT Quiz-Finals-Round 01

(I thought of posting it as ORK-04, but then these questions do not qualify for online quizzes and people have already seen the questions. So ORK 04 waits for now.)

There are two slides where audio is required. Since my blog does not support audio files, I am presenting the same for downloads.

Audio Files

I shall be uploading the slides with the answers pretty soon too. (Not yet, just in case people are looking at these questions for the first time.) Once everything is uploaded, you can download them onto the same folder and they should work fine. (The hyperlinks I mean)

P.S: Thanks to Abhi for the questions.

ORK – 03 Quiz

ORK 01 and 02 were sometime in the distant past. Both got lukewarm responses. You can check the ORK page for list of Winners.  In keeping with tradition, I am asking just 2 questions. However, you shall find the two at-least a bit challenging. So, it should keep you occupied.

Answers can be mailed to karthik3685@yahoo.com, with the subject stating “ORK-03 Answers” latest by the 4th of March.

1) Connect the 6 pictures here and Put Fundaes


(Clue: Nothing to do with movies.)

(Additional clues:

01) Click on the thumbnails to get a bigger/clearer picture of things 🙂

02) pictures 02-05 connect with picture 01 and 06)

2) Connect


Happy quizzing.

The comments will be opened after the answering session closes.  

P.S: Some people have reported problems with the images. However, on checking the code, I found it alright. The problem maybe with the theme or something. Hard to say. In any event, pictures of Gauthami to Aamir Khan are not supposed to repeat themselves in the second question. (WordPress screwed something. I had to re-upload the pics 😦 Some bug. And it wasn’t the same pic as Sundar claimed 😉 Those were pics I uploaded earlier and deleted.)

I am also uploading a power point slide just in case WordPress decides to screw the post again. You can download/view the same here