ORK – 03 Quiz

ORK 01 and 02 were sometime in the distant past. Both got lukewarm responses. You can check the ORK page for list of Winners.  In keeping with tradition, I am asking just 2 questions. However, you shall find the two at-least a bit challenging. So, it should keep you occupied.

Answers can be mailed to karthik3685@yahoo.com, with the subject stating “ORK-03 Answers” latest by the 4th of March.

1) Connect the 6 pictures here and Put Fundaes


(Clue: Nothing to do with movies.)

(Additional clues:

01) Click on the thumbnails to get a bigger/clearer picture of things 🙂

02) pictures 02-05 connect with picture 01 and 06)

2) Connect


Happy quizzing.

The comments will be opened after the answering session closes.  

P.S: Some people have reported problems with the images. However, on checking the code, I found it alright. The problem maybe with the theme or something. Hard to say. In any event, pictures of Gauthami to Aamir Khan are not supposed to repeat themselves in the second question. (WordPress screwed something. I had to re-upload the pics 😦 Some bug. And it wasn’t the same pic as Sundar claimed 😉 Those were pics I uploaded earlier and deleted.)

I am also uploading a power point slide just in case WordPress decides to screw the post again. You can download/view the same here



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