Anna University – Photocopy-cum-Revaluation

I saw a couple of photocopies of answer scripts of people who had got arrears this semester. To know a bit about AU’s revaluation/photocopy schemes, click here  Revaluation

Funny thing is, you have to pay 300 Rupees extra for photocopying at most 42 sides of your answer scripts. The same would cost less than 20 Rupees in any other “xerox” shop. (Also, note that the exam fee for one subject is 100 rupees.) Fancy photocopiers, these AU people should have considering it’s not even colour xerox. (Comments explaining why they charge us 300 rupees, will be deleted  😀  )


One of the answer papers read something like this:


01    0;02    0;03    0;04    0;05    0;06    0;07    o;08    0;09    0;10    0

16 marks

01    02;02    03;03    05;04    02;05    00

Wow, what a wonderful way to evaluate a paper. And I can personally vouch that atleast four 2 mark answers were perfectly right and some of the 16 marks questions deserved atleast 10 marks. Why AU examiners go crazy sometimes is inexplicable. And it’s not an isolated case either. One or two of my other friends also said that they were hard done by the results.

Lawyers reading this post may respond. 🙂 We want to sue AU.

P.S: I wish I could put up the scanned copy of the paper I described here, but I don’t have a scanner. So, buy me a scanner. 🙂

Just in case you are also interested, the exam dates have been announced. I am putting it up here so that you save yourself a visit to the AU site. (They have changed the look by the way. Can’t say it looks any better though.)

Examination Dates


24 thoughts on “Anna University – Photocopy-cum-Revaluation

  1. @Aravindhan,

    Sad state of affairs. Earning money from other peoples depression, is not the best way to earn money. As for your 800, did it atleat yield favourable results ?

  2. @Marc,

    I have to come all the way to Bessie. I could probably give it to you in college. But then I’ll have to get the original from the concerned party first.

  3. I prefer using the new Ricoh Color product line over the Xerox Color line.

    Ricoh has stronger and better systems, speaking from experience.

    I wouldnt doubt it, if this post gets removed, since Xerox doesnt want people to know the truth.

    Thank goodness, for Ricoh and The Copier Group.
    I bought a system through

    Xerox used to be fine for me, but the Guys at The Copier Group were so helpful, they let me know that Ricoh was a better way to go…

    Thanks Ricoh.

  4. karthi,i want to knw wen i will get photocopy in my hand after i applied fr photocopy cum revaluation…say me how many days it will take?

  5. hello friends is there any website where i can get answer keys or keywords for anna university semester exams if there is one plz mail me

  6. hai.i studying my final year engg.i never seen a arrear in my life time.but unforyunately i got a arrear in CNS. i written well tat i applied for revaluation cum revaluation they given only one mark but i failed.i need 13 marks .so i re-evaluate my paper with my staff and my HOD.i written correctly.they given only.2 marks and 4 marks for 16 marks questions.i got a mental torture.and my dept staffs said.u again apply for 3000 rupees re-valuation nu.can i apply.i have full confidence.

  7. Will AU conduct arrear exams separately for 8th semester alone in june 2009 after the results are pulished

  8. me too go onl 28 in a paper..wen my teache evaluted she said u ll get above 85..why these annuniv correction going crazy?????i am waiting for my revaluaion result..thn wat is he procedure for review of paper?

  9. well nw dng ma 3rd year cse, i gt arrear n java paper n 5th sem… applied fr re evaluation with copy… dey had given me juz 14marks(10marks for part A nd 4 marks for part B) ,,,, which is far lower dan ma internal marks…. nd i got cleared….. and de annauniv results are always like EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED …..

  10. Karthik I got 2 arrears in final year .. I went for reval 22 and 26 . still i got no change . my teachers told i would get 85 and 65 resp. .. I went for review .. how many days will it take for results … really anna univ is bad .. pl reply

  11. Well I have my fair share of sad experiences with AU. Im in 3rd yr now, got really good gpa in I and II sem (>9.5) and suddenly grades fell below 8.5!!! I had no idea what happened… I was totally confident of getting good results. I decided to get the photocopy of the paper in IV sem and to my surprise all 16 marks were awarded only 9 marks!!!! THIS IS SO SO STUPID! Ive never ever got below 90 in the internals and model tests in college! For a guy who loves computer science so so much this is just ridiculous!

    THEY LOOK AT YOUR HANDWRITING AND see put marks randomly. Sadly people get arrears. and thats so so sad. We need reform.
    THEY MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE! THE “BEGGARS” who evaluate the papers must be held accountable. They are not LECTURERS!!!!! I dont care if they are the ones who teach me! I DONT REALLY CARE!!!! THEY ARE ALL IDIOTS!!!!! COMPLETE IDIOTSSSS!

    Is there any way we can change this??????????????

    THESE IDIOT BODY SHOPS like INFOSYS AND WIPRO MUST BE CLOSED DOWN FOR AU TO CHANGE! AU is nothing compared to IITs and other unis in tn.


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