Creaky Drivetrain ….contd

So, I tried fixing my bicycle drivetrain to fix the creaking noise I was hearing. From my previous post,

My drivetrain is creaky – producing a grinding noise! I’ve been trying to isolate the noise, but it’s hard. It also appears only under load, making me think it is the bottom bracket. You’d think the Bottom Bracket and the Cranks are all standardized, and quite simple. You’d be wrong!

I also made sure to test all the usual suspects –

  • In the process found my outer chainring to be slightly loose, but nothing that was causing the noise.

  • My bottle cages had come loose and were rattling – fixed it. Didn’t fix the creaky drivetrain obviously.

  • I’ve checked my seat,

  • my pedals and

  • my chain and

  • cassette – they all look fine.

  • The bottom bracket itself doesn’t have any play in it, and rotates freely when not under load. I give it a spin, and can manage to make it turn 6-8 times freely without any binding.

I went ahead and replaced the bottom bracket first. In the process, I found the grease on the drive side had become dark inside the BB shell, while on the non-drive side it was still fresh. I thought this was evidence of corrosion. Ordered a new BB for $36, made sure to clean the BB shell really well, applied grease to it, installed the new BB.

  • Went out for a ride – the noise hadn’t gone away!

Dang it. I then changes out the chain – I cut it to the same length as the previous chain, made sure it’s the right 10-speed chain and replaced it. The chain length is slightly off, causing slight issues with shifting, but nothing major. This is something I anticipated.

I also chained out the rear Quick Release skewer, because, hey why not – I have a spare lying around, and I wanted to throw everything at it.

  • Went out for a ride – the noise still hasn’t gone away.

I’m having to rewatch this video.

At this point, my guess is really either the pedal or the crank itself. I earlier replaced the pedals, and hadn’t seen any improvement. So, I’m skeptical if it’s that. If it happens to be the crank itself, I have no idea how to find out or fix it. I’m going to have to go to the bike shop. Dang it!

Onto more detective work then.


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