What ?? About

Note: (This post was apparently created in Sep-2007. Whoa!)

Before you read this, its still pretty crude. I don’t have the time right now. Shall update at the earliest with more pleasing content.

Karthik3685. Didn’t know the blog would be named that. 3685 is not my DOB so don’t even bother wishing me on 3rd June or 6th March 😉 Karthik3685’s Weblog was changed to karthik’s weblog and later to karthik’s blog. And finally to bear testimony to the fact that I am an engineer in the making, Karthik’s Log. (Engineer’s are obsessed with log u know)

This is kind of late on the blog scene. By now blogs are celebrating their 10th anniversary or something. I didn’t want to have a blog to start with. I hate to get into something just because everyone else is doing it.  Had to create an account for some other reason. What finally made me write a blog was that i am getting increasingly jobless and don’t have much to do….

I don’t expect everyone to enjoy this blog. While someone will outright hate it, some will simply sneer. Others may term it kiddish or whatever. I am just writing because I like to and feel strongly about certain issues and this is the launch pad for the propaganda. I like humor, so some of the articles may not seem fit for the serious reader. Learn to take things in lighter vein. I can be serious when i want to. So sorry to disappoint people who like humor, but some of my articles will not be funny. I think I probably need to somehow marry the two and see what results 😀

Edit on 01-Feb-2012

More then four years and four months into first creating this page, well a few things have changed – for starters I don’t write much these days. However, I do want to attempt writing whenever time permits. A lot of things said above don’t apply anymore of course. The increasingly jobless part, especially. (Or so, I shall claim.) Anyway, in the remote event that you landed on this page (again), happy reading. 🙂

Edit on 18-May-2014

The blog has been called SK KD Blag for a while now. (not exactly sure when I renamed it) While no one cares I am sure, if you’re a fan of Randall Munroe, like I am – you’d know why it’s called what it’s called. (A feeble attempt at a tribute ? Plain copying ? Anything you say.)


12 thoughts on “What ?? About

  1. hello karthik,
    my name is sathis .i Have completed B.E in 2008.i have one arrear.do u know when will be the published date with arrear will come. pls help me.

  2. omg! u are so an organised freak to me! anyway all the best for your job in infosys and also if u get to do your MS in the US. gudluck!

  3. @Nithya,



    Honestly, I don’t.


    Organized freak ? What makes you say that ? 🙂 Thanks. (not for calling me a freak)

  4. can you send me the first semester Engineering Mathematics question papers and
    second semester Engineering Mathematics question papers……..

  5. Hey Karthik,

    I am not even sure if you are keeping with this blog anymore, but I had to drop you a line. Or two. 😛
    I was just hopping mad about Dear Mr Arnab Goswami and finally decided to vent by trying to find as many nasty articles about him as I could. Yours was the first link I found. Hillarious, to say the least. Its a pretty old article, but I loved it and love your style of writing. You just might have redeemed all those god damned Engineers who pissed me off by not liking English. Um, anyhow. Great job with that article and your blog is a really fun read too! 😀
    Thats..um…my ‘couple of lines’. 😀


  6. Hi Karthik
    I was searching for some information on ISRO and found your blog and I loved it.
    Its witty and humorous and entertaining.
    Keep going.

  7. It would seem as if I am mimicking Amrita if I said the same things….but then, it just happens to be the truth.
    The Anna Hazare crisis that the government is facing right now has been so sensationalised by Times Now and the Right Honorable Arnab Goswami that it has me grinding teeth and uttering expletives.
    HAving been denied the pleasure of having Times channel ( Thank God !!) till a couple of months back, I was unaware of the presence of this clown in our journalism.
    Tonight it got to the point that I started digging dirt on him and I stumbled upon this blog of yours…
    Have to say if you are still maintaining this blog, that I agree whole-heartedly with your opinion on the worst kind of anchor i have ever seen.
    He interrupts people, sits in judgement of them, airs his views ( pardon me, but I was under the impression that journalists have to unbiased…sigh !!)
    Took me the better part of an hour to read that entry of yours on AG and the comments left.
    You write well- hope you have not given it up…

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