Guest Book

 Guest Book

Hi guys, I would love to know what you think about my blog. If you are too busy to comment on the topics or don’t have on opinion on them, (Yea its perfectly possible not to have an opinion on a subject contrary to what media people believe.) then feel free to comment about the blog, generally, here.

All comments, feedback and even suggestions to an extent are welcome. But don’t overdo it and I would rather prefer that swear words and effing not be used 😀 . I reserve the rights to delete a comment if necessary. (obviously)


118 thoughts on “Guest Book

  1. hello KARTHIK…….

    I was just simply searching for anna univ semester exams……n I happened to see Ur blog…..Intresting….Keep going….I cant read many of ur posts now……but after the exams I will do ….n will also post comments….

  2. Hi Meena,

    Nice to see you on my blog.It’s rather unfortunate that the search term that lead you to my site was “anna univ semester exams” (or on those lines). You are welcome to read posts later at leisure and your comments are welcome too…


    You are kinda right and I did actually seriously contemplate doing that 😉 But think of the good we can do by directing people to our blogs and then providing them with facts about Anna University.

  3. heyyyy…
    i actually found your blog when i was doing some kinda search on Sreenivasan Jain dono hw the Arnab Goswami blog came anyway just wanted to say keep writin and postin in ur views and not only Anna Univ papers 🙂 cos it may help ppl like me to also give in our views.. 🙂

  4. Hi chicu,

    I posted the Anna University qp’s some time back and then stopped with it. I only did it because AU had removed it from their site and I had it lying on my Hard disk anyway. I have no intentions of uploading any more question papers. 🙂

    As for the other articles, will keep them coming.

  5. heyyyyy,
    thats some cool blogs out here……
    dropped in to get anna univ qp’s….
    couldn’t get it…. no probs….
    neways… keep your great work goin…

  6. @Swathi,

    Welcome to my blog.

    Sorry about the Question Papers. But you are probably the first of the decent people to think “it was ok” to not find it. Most people demand question papers like it’s their birth right.

    Thanks for your feedback. Do visit at leisure.

  7. hey karthik
    like a few ppl above , i came across this site when i searched for anna univ Q papers ….. and i started reading you other blogs …. i totally enjoyed reading your blogs … and while reading ur other blogs , i actually forgot about my anna univ Q papers … your doing an awesome job …. i want to read everything that u ve written , but got my exams coming now ….. will came back right after my exams are over …..

  8. I notice that I’m actually unable to write on the guest book at the top. Neither am I able to pick up the provided pen. Please fix this.

  9. @Marc,

    Did you use it to burn an image on your monitor ? Concentrate. You should be able to write if your claim of having a sharp mind is true. Else, we can always resort to other sharp objects like a compass perhaps. 🙂

  10. Hey nice work mann……

    Every thing is good in this blog apart from some useless comments…

    i dont want to leave this page without saying that Cool Work…

  11. heyhey,

    Fell into ya bloG In random, But i Gotta to tell ya tht u Got Lotsa Of Interesting Issuez In Here! Great MAn. Dun heEd 2 Uncle MArc Adivse OF Closing Dwn ya BLoG. 🙂


  12. yu’re exactly rite…. so dissapointing to spot such cute guys in such lame ad( coca cola)…….. and ‘ve to tel yu…… that loooooooooooong forward on “men” is pretty rude karthik…….. may lose ur fans( obviously gals)……. watch out on tht….

  13. @Swathi,

    That thing about men was a forward. I thought it was hilarious and also true in parts. 🙂 Hence posted it. Also, I didn’t know I had fans now. 😀

    I’ll try and keep it down though.



  14. hi karthik,
    i have seen ur blog it’s very nice,
    i need anna university regulation 2001 mechanical engineering,
    semester-5, design transmission and system question paper ,
    can get for me please,
    i have exect ur reply
    thank you.

    thanks & regards

  15. @Arunkumar,


    As for your question paper, I do not have it. I will try and ask people. But that doesn’t mean I’ll get it for sure.

  16. heh karthick,
    I just got this while serching for tht same anna university results….
    I maximum read all bolgs yaar…. I really enjoyed …. please do continue your work… take care yaaar….have u completed 8th sem …..

  17. hi karthik thanks for deleting that comment but you did only half of my request.sorry. I again request you to delete my comments in the “AU revaluation blog” which has my email id.It shows up on my name search.It could be detrimental to my job prospects.

    once again.sorry and thanks. delete this comment too.bye.U are maintaining a nice blog.keep up the good work.try to get into foriegn affairs and NYtimes and etc.and try to blog on the articles in them. then your blog will show up on more keyword searches.once again sorry and thanks.

    comment authors name changed on request

  18. hey marc i am sorry u misunderstood….i meant then the blog can diversify the spectrum of people reading the blog. isnt that good.
    “when the student is ready the teacher arrives.”

  19. One of the most useful blogs I have come across. Especially for a guy like me passing out of engineering next year. Your thoughts on CAT/GATE/GRE dilemmas made me suspect if it was I who actually wrote those posts 😛 Try to keep posting from Infosys. Would really love to know about the culture there especially since I’m placed in an IT company as well(Accenture)

  20. @xyz & John 😉 ,

    Done. Sorry it took me a while. I did not have net access for a while. I guess you did get a little desperate. I hope things have been changed to your satisfaction. While I thought deleting the comments would not be alright as people might have refered to your comments, I have renamed them and removed the mail ID’s. Hope tht should do. 🙂



    So far Infosys has been good. I am only 2 weeks into the training though. Yet to take a test. I sm sure my comments will vary the next time i type. 🙂

    Accenture is a nice company. One of my friends got through as well. (He also got into CTS but chose Accenture.)

  21. hi karthik,
    i would like to hold your attention towards e learning.I think before joining infosys they people are conducting some e learning procedure/guidelines(some company named liqwid crystal).can you please tell me is it mandatory to undergo that online e-learning course?
    thanks and regards

  22. Hi,
    U have a good taste of books. I am happy that after much time I have come across some one who have read Foundain Head… I too like the book a lot. All the best for your career..

  23. hey sorry….. i stumbled on u r site while searching for anna univ question papers…any i was lyk lollllllll seeing u r site…………the posts and comments made me giggle …… and a doubt……whose tat use less guy with useless comments in between? sry 2 tell tat………….
    any way it was fun……had a nice tym going throusgh u r site,………i m also an ardent fan of thrillers……glad 2 know a bk lover……….

  24. hi
    I am doing btech in electronics and communications.Right now iam in 4th year.I am placed in accenture and they are offering me 3.1lac per annum.I am looking for job in ISRO can u plz tell me all the details regarding the same.Plz make me out of the dilemma whether accenture is best or making a carrier in ISRO.sir plz reply me how can i apply for ISRO .one more thing i like to ask whether GATE score works out for getting entry in ISRO.

  25. hi

    i m also one of those people who came in search of anna univ ques papers. u r feelin frustrated now huh……… u sudn have entertained those ppl at first……… any way thanz i got a ques paper but not all…….nice blog………..

  26. hey karthik,

    like so many others….i found ur blog while searching for anna univ papers…
    but tho i dint find wat i wanted,i jus luved ur blog!especially d comments!:) they r so damn interestin 2 read…(i mean it!!)hey marc…i’m a big fan of urs!!i jus luv d way u comment;)u guys really rock:)!!!

  27. hey man !!! your collection looks too good. I m Pranav tank, working in Motorola india pvt ltd. I am working on wimax solutions. But I am Mtech guy and wanna to go for PhD ,so I am finding DSP kind of job , I also did project on converting 2D to 3D in DSP + image processing domains from ISRO . But I am not able to find such domains job n bangalore or hyderabad. can you help me for this ??
    I will be very much thank ful to u.

    thanks agian,

  28. cool !!!!

    i googled prannoy roy nd got to see ur blog …thrashing arnab…..
    i cant say tht i agree or not abt arnab but it was intresting reading….

    keep bugging (i hav bookmarked ur blog )…..

    @Marc …. keep motivating Karthik

  29. Hey Kartik.. its cool yaar !!
    am not a big internet savvy and not as technical as you. i was just trying to find some tricks about orkut and i came across your interesting blog..

    Its full classy humor and some food for brain too…i like your blog
    you know am reading your posts for past 1hr and am sure i will visit again.

    Keep writing… i know you don’t care but i like me like your style.

  30. Was searching for some information on Arnab Goswami; came by your blog.

    Your opininon on him is your discretion; no comments. However, to the drumbeat that you will do a better job than him, I offer my ass. 🙂

    Any way, now some sweet talk. You have a mosaic blog; keep it up.

    And some day, I will visit here again and judge your progress. Good luck !

  31. Firstly, sorry to everyone who left behind a comment here and hasn’t got a reply yet. I have been held up with some work of late and hence haven’t been able to take time off for this. As for certain unwarranted and useless comments, they had to be deleted.


    Though no authority on the matter and having nothing to do officially with Infy policies, as far as I am aware, no such training is necessary.




    Thanks. As for the useless guy, I don’t know whom you mean, but if it is who I think it is, I would be happy if he didn’t make my life hard and post irrelevant things on my blog. But then, I don’t have control over that now, do I ? Let’s just hope common sense prevails.


    I would personally prefer ISRO over Accenture, but then it’s your call. Even I am not sure what type of a job you would be doing in ISRO. You should try and find that out.

    Your GATE score doesn’t help in any direct way. You can always state it to get a few brownie points I guess. But when they ask you technical questions, it would come in handy.

    ISRO holds an exam annually I think. Try giving it a shot. If you get in, then you need to make a call between Accenture and ISRO.


    I don’t know who big brother G is really. Still wondering…..


    It’s great that you don’t agree with me at the same time are not abusive. I thought there weren’t any decent people left in the world. 🙂

    I shall try to blog on and off atleast.




    What can I say but thanks ?


    I take that. Maybe I won’t do a better job. But then atleast I will cut the bullshit out. Oh, and thanks.

    1. Hi, I was in fact saying that you weren’t abusive. I know of people whose first reaction, when they don’t agree with you is to start becomign abusive. And I am not talking of a one off case here. 🙂

  32. hey i dont find anything is worth useful in ur blog…..errr i seriously mean it!!! i personaly feel tat u r kind-of misleading ppl by ur blog tag as such…anyway its reallly crazy to find ppl commentin tat u ve done a good job!!! you better close down ur blog!!

  33. hmmm ur blog seems to be quite popular with google search! how much are u paying them for it?? 😉 anyway.. dropped by to figure out you are from chennai because i just managed to read ur profile..

    good luck!

  34. @Ankit,

    Actually I am asking people for help myself. 🙂


    There was some confusion. I didn’t say that you said I was abusive. ( Ok, now I see why the confusion 🙂 )


    I can live with a few people thinking my blog has nothing useful. My Blog tag says “Karthik’s Log”. How can it be misleading ? As far as closing down my blog is concerned, sorry but you wouldn’t be the first to try unsuccessfully. 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog.


    You think I could pay Google off ? Wish I had that kind of money.

  35. Hey,

    I happened to hate that God damned, hell stricken, total nonsense Arnab Go-to-hell-swami!I wanted to know his educational qualification, n came accross ur blog(n i found out frm wikipedia that he literally is dumb!), i love the fact that u hate him too, i completely agree with u, n hope that you continue to shower him with more such awards and praises.And, don’t you think when he tries to interrupt a conversation between two guests, and he goes like–“I-“, “na, n, but, no”, he looks even dumber!!!!Esp. when they are followed by dumb questions/remarks, n yes he’s no comparison to Barkha Dutt!!!I bloody hate him!he isn’t even qualified, i could do better!!!

    btw, way to go man!

  36. And, i just went on to read the comments, wat idiots we have in this world, my goodness!How they keep arguing who is more clever! But seriously,I hate that man, hate him.
    But anyways, I just completely like your blog!

  37. @Ankita,

    Thanks. It’s sad indeed that some people solely devote their lives to spamming other peoples blog comments section. I mean if someone really thinks a blog is bad, I think they should simply stop reading it.

  38. Nice blog there Karthik. Witty and hilarious. All the more so with the pictures. You feature on my Google reading list now. Cheers!
    (And I don’t read the stuff on Question papers. Yay! I am done with all those semester exams. Phew.. A relief!)

  39. @Ankita

    Without a shadow of education u r judging another person.Please you people go on watching stupid Hindi & Tamil Films, Fashion Shows, Reality Shows, listening to dirty songs and responding the nincompoop blogs.

  40. @Ankita

    what is your educational qualification? Engineer from any college of South India?…Long Live Capitation Fee.

  41. @Abhishek,

    See dude. I wrote a post, you disagreed and I fully allowed you to disagree. It’s your point of view, and you are entitled to it , just as I am. But then, you went beyond that. You took it personally and wrote out obscene comments. Now, people reading a discussion might agree or disagree with someone, but no one likes someone who has nothing to offer but constant obscene comments. So, you have people disliking you. And then you take on them as well. Well, think about it man. I mean, surely you have better things to do in life, than take every single comment personally, harp on it and abuse that person as well.

    As an initiative, I waive the white flag. Let’s make peace. 🙂 (I am a reasonable man. Ya I know, apart from being a capitation fee based engineer from a really really idiotic college down south of course. 😉 ) You are welcome to comment on my blog anytime you feel like. Any time you think I wrote a stupid post, you are allowed to fully disagree with me. And I do not delete comments of people who disagree with me. But could you keep your profanity and abusing down please ? It would help a lot. Thanks. Here’s (hoping) to an abuse free comments section.

  42. @Karthik

    You make me laugh. Your blog is good,except that Arnab Goswami section. After all these,if I beg your appology then I think u surely will kill me.:-).Despite that I am begging the same.

    I request you to delete all my posts where I used abusive words.

    All the best.

  43. Hey… I came across your blog while i was searching for papers ( I’m sorry about that !! i scanned a couple of comments earlier and apparently you’re not too hppy with ur blog being found that way lol ! )… I just wanted to say that it really helped at that pt of time for me and i kno a lot of my friends have referred to them too. Thanks a lot man! Was just going through your blog, and yeah it’s really nice :)… I’m not too much into blogging and yours is the first blog i’m commenting on! good job !! Btw if i said anything wrong plz don’t yell at me… you seem to have kinda lost your temper with ppl earlier and i don’t blame you tho…try to be little bit patient alright..!
    Once again, amazing blog!! will keep following it!

  44. @Abhishek,

    Thanks. Don’t bother about apologies. 🙂 It’s all cool.

    As for deleting posts, I think that is going to take some time. 🙂


    Hey somethings you got to take in a lighter vein. glad that the question papers helped you. I think I get annoyed only when people repeatedly keep asking me about more papers. 🙂 My comments can be a little blunt at times I guess. I’ll sugarcoat a bit more from now on. As for patience, I am working on it.

  45. Hi Karthik,
    I landed on your blog when I was searching about Arnab Goswami. Second link on a google search wow!! . But the topic on which Arnab was discussed did not go well with me. I wanted to comment on that post, but you have disabled that option. I am an avid times now viewer and that after watching ndtv and cnnibn. Pranoy is living on his legacy(huh!) and Rajdeep and his wife (are you aware of that) are the most mind-blocked journalists I have seen. Arnab has a nationalist view and asks questions that the general public would feel like asking the panelists. May be you like Karna Thapars who are more of interrogators and boast of their knowledge of history by quoting dates printed on a paper or rehearsed in front of a mirror, rather than trying find a solution to he problem.


    1. @Rohit,

      I had disabled the option, because the discussion was getting out of hand and I did not have enough time to keep them moderated. But then smart alecs like you find the guest book anyway. 🙂 I do like Karna, the movie. 😉

  46. As pointed by many others, you seem to derive some kind of cheap thrill by pointing out simple typos. I would rather appreciate, if it was a grammatical error that you point out rather than a misspelt word.

  47. Hello,

    I accidently landed in your blog while collecting data for Harbajan’s racist row. When most other sites portray Harbajan as bad boy and Indian Crowd as racistic over aussies ( , your blog stands for the other side of the coin and makes us aware that its just a retaliation and that medias always stand for the whites..

    Good try. Keep up the spirit.

  48. Dear Karthik,
    I got to know of your blog instantly searching for
    “TQM”. I work for a automobile Tier 1 and a person (trying) practicing TQM for the past 12 years. Thank you for all the comments your have left during your exams. They were my VOC (voice of customer) as we try to write a book on TQM which might benefit (I am open to comments from you when the book appears on stands) students with a limited pages and we will combine our knowledge and experience to reach the students.
    By the way you said how TQM book should not be in your blog, can you specify how a good book should be. I do agree that besterfield is a good author and excellent person..we try to bring in Indian examples and so on…. HAve a good day. Thanks for your efforts on blogging. Will continue to visit. Good day.

  49. @Subash,

    Thanks, but no thanks.


    I sincerely wish I could. But it’s been more than an year since I saw the book, and I work as a computer programmer now. Not seen power systems in a long long time. If I should get around to reading the book though, I will definitely keep you informed.


    Just like in cricket, the toss can go both ways 🙂

    @Meenakshi Sundaram,

    Whoa!! Sir, I merely had it as an elective and a paper we just wanted to get through. 🙂 In no ways are my comments to be taken seriously.

    But the reason I say that Besterfield’s book was good is that there were so many wonderful examples and case studies states. Of course, the university makes a joke of them by asking us to write “in detail” about them, rather than try understanding what the author was getting at. No wonder how good the book is, the exams will always make a mockery of it.

    If your audience is the Industry and not academia, I would expect the book to have more examples (India centric as you say) and cite how they can be overcome. If it is for college goers, then I don’t honestly know. There are some who really want to get to know the subject. Others merely want to pass and want books that have contents pre-digested for them.

  50. Hello mr.Karthik
    Nice to see your blog.I’m selected in infosys and joining infosys on 20 Oct 2009.
    Im a Mechanical Engineer by qualification. Like to be in touch with you.Given my details below.

  51. Karthik, ithink u are totally dumb. dont know waht to achor what not. when everybody is watching times now u are stck up to ndtv. dont u u see the ratings trp’s. or u just progate ur dumbness.

    wake up man and be aware of whats going on around u. may god give u rght thinking. i dont know why people like u born in india only. u are dirt of india.

    1. @Miss Priyanka Saxena,

      Well, actually I do kinda agree with you on the me being dumb part, but not so much that I am totally dumb.

      Well, if everybody was watching times now, how would I be stuck up to NDTV ? 😀 Shouldn’t I be glued to Times Now ?

      But yeah, universal sets apart, I do not see TRP’s before I decide which channel to watch. Do you even know what TRP stands for (aha, no Googling there) ?

      Well, I guess I should be aware of what’s going on around me.

      As for your question on how people like me are born in India, although it looks like an innocent jibe, I do think, it’s a rather interesting question. I mean, first we need to define what “people like me” mean, then we will have to find them. And then probabilistically, find out, that how I was even born in India. Complex stuff there. You aren’t the only person baffled there.

      As for me being dirt of India, I don’t think I have done enough to deserve such high praise, just yet.

  52. Who is this ? Yes it is unfortunate that people like Aryabhatta who invented zero, Vinod Dham who invented pentium chip were all born in India. If they had born elsewhere they would have gone to greater heights.

    Befor calling anybody as Indian dirt , please look at this website. even if its an Indian dirt, An american uses it to treat moles .. Chill out buddy.

  53. Hello Karthik Sir,

    I’ve recently got selected in Infosys via my campus placement. I am also from Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) Steram. I am a hell lot confused right now whether to go to Mysore or not (My joining date is June 28, 2010), and since you’re also from the same stream and did go to infosys, I would really appreciate if you would help me out with this thing. I am least interested in softwares (they bug me!!!) but when I checked out, I found out that ther’re also into manufacturing process and plant solutions, so I wanted to know what kind of training is given to EEE students. Is it a common training for all streams or different for every stream. And also, I would highly appreciate if you could give me some details about your training experience at Infosys Mysore, regarding the subjects you were taught, the test pattern and passing criteria etc.

    Please reply asap (preferably on my email ID).



  54. Hi Karthik,
    I am new for cooking.I tried preparing clobjamun with mtr mix….sugar syrup became like sugar chocalate…clobjamun was not completely immersed.Thought of saying it as dry jamun(to my party mates).don’t know what to do….luckily got into your i will someway alter the clobjamun.Pass my thanks to your mom.

  55. hi karthi,
    its a pretty interesting blog u have done a nice work……..the comments and reply are also intresting.thanks for giving such a wonderfull blog

  56. I dun care what the topic of discussion is in your blog but man, your comments are awesome! ‘Killer’ is the word. Interesting and unbelievably engaging! Blog bookmarked! Dude, plz tell me that u r not stuck up in some lame software job(but i sense u r). Well i ask, cause u dun seem normal, in a good way though! 😉

    And i see that u haven replied in months (see, what the job is doing to u)!
    You should write, u r good at it! Or may be u already have a few pieces of your work! Would love to go through your work, do hit me upon my mail id if that is ok with you.

    Get your work published, people will enjoy it 😉

    Kudos and keep up the work!

  57. And what at the tiniest level in ur brain made you address ‘Meenakshi Sundaram’ with ‘Sir’?!?!?! Lol! Pardon me and correct if m wrong! 😉

  58. Hi Ranjit,

    I know this is well past your joining date, and I am sorry that I couldn’t reply any earlier.

    Since you might have joined/or not joined already, I don’t think it makes sense for me to tell you now, what to do. I sure hope you made the right decision.

  59. karthik,swell job ;),i cannot recall which search link brought me here but i must confess that i don’t quite regret it 😛 well,i haven’t read you much to delve into issues as,whether you are arrogant or polarized or biased or none of these at all but from the wee bit i read,i am in so much capacity as to say that i like the way you write,the style and the coherence of it..i’m fond of reading,especially write-ups by my contemporaries as it helps in knowing what people around me think,the way they think and the knowledge they have(considering i’ve very little) than some celebrated writer sitting in some distant land,of whom i’ve only heard from others or who lives no more or did at an age when even my great great grand folks too didn’t walk the earth 😉 but eh i like reading them too 😉 but as i said write-ups from people around me make me feel closer to life and have more credibility..uff i had thought of putting in just a one-liner comment but look i almost cooked up a tome 😛 this is a huge problem i suffer at every step,going over board,going on and on..can you possibly turn out a few tips on how to be concise and crisp??and lastly swell job again 🙂 take care mate..

  60. You are puffed up with ego, deceit and hatred. Are you jealous of Arnab? He is the best anchor – acclaimed the world over. If you can’t achieve anything, go boil your head. Don’t post muck and nonsense in your blog.


  61. What do I think of you and your blog? In simple terms, you are “full of sound and fury signifying nothing”. If you have been trying to project yourself as a genius and you have really done a shoddy job.

  62. hi karthik, this is the first time i’m seeing your blog, actually tying to find abt design of elec app i came across your blog, in simple terms you’re funny….i’ll be reading yours from now on……..

  63. nd also this was de 1st time I read ur blogs so subscribed to it asap, now how many times has that happened^^^^^ many I guess lol

  64. @madcap, thanks. 🙂 (That’s – how to be concise and crisp – for you :))
    @Vinod, Do I have a puffed up ego ? Possibly. Deceit – I doubt. (Conceit – probably 🙂 ) Hatred – I very much doubt. I don’t think I am trying to project myself as a genius at all. What gave you that impression ?
    @MyNamesake, thanks.
    @Shyam, again, Thanks (for subscribing to my blog.) I hope you get to read some good stuff.

  65. hey!!!!!!!hiyaaa….
    i am writer,and i write random thoughts dat come to my mind…i was surfing net,and al of a sudden i landed on ur blog!!!!!u hv inspired me,to get myself a blog..u r doin a great job!!!!!!

  66. Had to say this about your sweetheart Arnab Goswami : “Arnab Goswami is a first class example of a mediocre having an opinion and rendering judgments on issues which he cannot even fathom. Shame on the Times Group, the Media fraternity and the ill informed people of this country to allow this incompetent person hold daily media trials and deliver judgements all in the name of debate. Any other contry and he would have been tried for subversion of media and abuse of journalistic freedom. Height of complacence on the part of TOI group to be tolerating such inaptitude and callousness”

    I just wonder though that why you did not block that idiot “AT” from your Arnab blog who screwed up the entire fun. In fact you must delete his aimless posts/ comments even now ! Lastly my compliments to you for a beautiful command of the langauage and your composure in tackling even the most rude and vulgor comments. Keep it up.

  67. Hello Karthik,

    Read your blog on Arnoob ghostwami. You are amazing man. I became you fan, more so because I had to visit doctor after watching hysterical arnoob ghostwami barking on TV yesterday.

    Can we meet on facebook ??

  68. i want to ask one thing. why do you use so many smileys even when you seem to disagree. it would be much simpler if you just made your point without those smileys.

  69. @Aanchal, Thanks
    @Adrian, Thanks. Maybe I will get around to it. 🙂
    @Aamir, Thanks
    @Aishwarya, Thanks.
    @Neha, I agree on the usage of smileys. And worse still, when it is in text, no one cares. As soon as it is animated, it kinda stands out. But ya, I like sugarcoating sometimes 🙂 (see, like there.) I don’t know why or how it would be simpler, or even what would be simpler, but comment taken.

  70. sir I would not agree with the arnab goswami . being an editor and a debater I think that the view ur having is wrong bcoz he speaks reasonably and intelligently .i have no intentions of changing ur views

  71. karthik i am intresting bajaj nano(distinetly ahead car) why registration option? which days remove a car? very kind urgenty

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