Sacrifices to be made

There have been many many symposiums in the last few days and there will be even more in the coming days. Starting from 4th of this month, we had EMF (Engineering Mathematics Festival) where I made the finals of Quiz and Crossie last time over and came second in the quiz. (teaming up with Renju from St.Joseph)  Pity I couldn’t make it in-spite of Gokul and A.J inviting me over. Sorry guys. 😦 The finals of all the math events was on the 5th. On 5th we also had some dept symposium in Jerusalem engineering college. On 5th and 6th, we also had all the department symposiums in Jeppiar Engineering College. Pretty crowded week this.

SSN culturals started yesterday and we also had Sastha engineering colleges symposium yesterday. Hari from SSN had invited me for the SSN general quiz and it’s today. Sad I again can’t make it.

Symposium crazy:

I for one attend every symposium possible. Last semester, in-spite of being denied OD, I bunked classes to attend symposiums and my attendance was something like 70 %. (They can disallow you from writing exams if your attendance is below 75 % ) So, why on earth am I not attending symposiums when I don’t even have college to attend this time over ?

FINAL YEAR PROJECT 😦 – I haven’t even started on it and there’s a lot to do. I am supposed to show the entire working model this coming Thursday and I have no clue what I am doing. I had claimed to have finished certain modules by the first review. Truth is, it was existent only on the power point slides. 😀 SO, now I have to pay for it and sit and slog and make sure that I complete it on time. That reminds me, I need to stop blogging for a while too.

10 thoughts on “Sacrifices to be made

  1. @Rachel,

    We are supposed to show the working hardware model this coming thursday. 😦


    We have a total of 4 reviews (including 0th) and second review (3rd including 0th ) is coming thursday. We have to show almost full completion. In the review after that, we have to submit the full working project with report. 😦

  2. I will prefer symposium if its a clash between symposium and project. But if it is monthly then I can’t bunk it. Review sucks in my department. I did well in the 0th and 1st review but I got only 54 marks out of 100 for it. But few others who didn’t do that well got more marks. So review is of no use in CSE department. I don’t know about other departments.

  3. Well we had a rule in our department that if we flunk in our monthly or don’t attend it then we wont be allowed to attend the review and already my internals were bad in previous semester though I cleared all the monthly tests but not with good marks. So I preferred not to take any risks this time but eventually I failed. Hehehe. College life sucked so much. I am happy that the classes are finally over and we don’t have to see staff again except for the model exam and for the project work. Phew. What a relief!!!

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