Why was IPL 2009 shifted to South Africa ?


There was lot of drama recently over the IPL being shifted to South Africa. So it got me thinking why did they shift the IPL to South Africa after all ? I know we heard the official version being “Elections in India”. But hey, you know what ? There is elections going on in south Africa as well. I agree the two are not equitable, but then you’d think there would be some concern about South Africa having elections as well.

Probably, it might be the brush Sri Lankan players had with terrorists when they toured Pakistan. So maybe they thought best not to have matches in the sub-continent. But do you know what I think ? I think it’s to do with the drama we had last time over. Yes, with the cheerleaders. Now with IPL being shifted to South Africa, they don’t seem to have any problems in those quarters. 😉 It’s just a conspiracy theory really, but then makes sense doesn’t it. Now they can cheer the players (and the viewers) all they want without facing the threat of being put behind bars.


2 thoughts on “Why was IPL 2009 shifted to South Africa ?

  1. Ha ha ha 😀 nice one… You never know who might be among the crowd to just drag and drop you in an Indian Jail… Its a treat for the Africans though 😀

  2. I think they should have a ranking system for the cheerleaders as well just as there are for the teams. And in case of a tie, the team with the highest cheerleader points should go forward. Talk about team game and equal opportunity for women.

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