Ametors Quiz – Final Round Questions


I am presenting questions of what was supposed to be the first round in the IT departments quiz (General Trivia). Some of these questions may have been modified later or even removed. It is equally possible that other questions were added. Most of the questions, I am sure you have seen before.(if you were there,on the day of the symposium that is.)

IT Quiz-Finals-Round 01

(I thought of posting it as ORK-04, but then these questions do not qualify for online quizzes and people have already seen the questions. So ORK 04 waits for now.)

There are two slides where audio is required. Since my blog does not support audio files, I am presenting the same for downloads.

Audio Files

I shall be uploading the slides with the answers pretty soon too. (Not yet, just in case people are looking at these questions for the first time.) Once everything is uploaded, you can download them onto the same folder and they should work fine. (The hyperlinks I mean)

P.S: Thanks to Abhi for the questions.


4 thoughts on “Ametors Quiz – Final Round Questions

  1. Instead of u(karthik) thankin me out i guess i must thank u for helpin me in the entire quiz process..!!!!

    but still i feel the quiz would have rocked even more if the Director of my coll had not come and interrupted me. 😀

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