Hikes and Runs

Renamed the page to hikes and runs from GC Hike 2014

This page was supposed to be a way to brag about having done the Grand Canyon Rim-Rim hike! But, alas, I don’t have the bragging rights yet. However, I did think there should be a page created to link to the individual posts, and hopefully to have some place where I can add any future accounts of when I actually do the hike.

  • Original 2014 Grand Canyon Rim-Rim Hike and Prep Hikes: 

Protected: Grand Canyon Rim-Rim Plan and Execution

Prep Hike-00-Camelback Mountain-2014-01

Prep Hike-01-Butcher Jones Trail-2014-03-15

Prep Hike-02-Piestewa Peak-2014-03-22

Prep Hike-03-Holbert Trail(SouthMountain)-2014-03-29

Prep Hike-04-Flat Iron Peak (Superstition Mountains) – 2014-04-12

Half Marathon – 2014-04-19

Prep Hike-05-South Mountain – 2014-04-26 {I had actually forgotten about this hike 🙂 }

Prep Hike-06-Peralta Trail (Superstition Mountains) 2014-05-03

There was a prep hike#7 as well. I wasn’t part of it.

Grand Canyon-Rim to Rim -2014-05-25

  • Other Hikes

Mississippi Palisades State Park Hike – July 2014

Havasupai Falls Hike – November 2014

Big Bend National Park – South Rim Loop – Day Hike 2015-10-17

Big Bend National Park – Outer Mountain Loop – Backpacking 2015-10-25

Grand Canyon Rim-Rim-Rim 2015-11-xx*

Zion National Park-Angel’s Landing 2015-11-xx*

Zion National Park-The Narrows Hike 2015-11-xx*

  • Runs

Going the distance – Peoria – April 2014 (Half#1)

The SF 2nd Half Marathon -July 2014 (Half#2)

Mirchi Run – Chennai – December 2014 (Half#2.5)

The Austin Half Marathon – Feb 2015 (Half#3)

The missed Phoenix Half Marathons 2014 and 2015.

The SF 1st Half Marathon – July 2015 (Half#4)

The SF Full Marathon – July 2016*


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