Ametros Quiz

I had gone to college today to see the Ametros Quiz. By the time I went, the prelims was already over and the finalists announced. Vinod had come to college at my/Abhi’s request/invitation. He was a little miffed that I turned up late. 😛 Krishna and team, Sundar and team, Hari and Rahul from SSN were prominent teams on stage. There was also this one guy from KCG whom I do not know personally. I have seen him a few times though. Other than that we had one team which was a SSN/Sathyabama and two more teams from SSN.

I also saw Samba from Sai Ram and Ambi from St.Joseph. These guys had turned up late and hence could not take the prelims . 😦

The finals started a little behind schedule thanks to the other on stage events. Two rounds were over at the end of which two teams were eliminated.  We had three more rounds in which to decide the winners. Unfortunately this CSE bloody dean or some cheap puck* had to interfere and asked to wind the quiz up. Man, it was just getting started!! I don’t know what bothers these pricks!!

So Abhi was kinda helpless and we had to wind it up with just one more round – Rapidfire. And that didn’t go too well either. Abhi had worked pretty hard for the Finals rounds and he was obviously irritated with the way things turned out. But there was very little that could be done about it.

Krishna and team came third, KCG team came second and the SSN/Sathyabama team came first. Sad that the two people I know better than the others, Sundar and team and Hari and Rahul didn’t win. But then these things happen. Plus today’s quiz was more of a curtailed event.

I might put up the other rounds here on my blog under ORK -03 after due consultation with Abhi. So stay tuned…

6 thoughts on “Ametros Quiz

  1. @Srividya,

    Yes, I later came to know from Abhi. Good to know your brother is a good quizzer. They came 2nd. I know his team mate from even before actually.

    As for the quiz being good, I guess he must have said that because he won 🙂 Even otherwise, credit should go to the IT guys.


    It is unfortunate that some of the better questions could not be asked. I think the people who hosted the quiz, were not all that experienced with conducting quizzes on stage (does not necessarily translate to quiz noobs) and hence there were some issues that they could have done away with.

    But I think the acoustics also added to the confusion.

  2. @Aravindhan,

    Ah yes, scoring was a bit messy I’d say. The projector seemed alright since we anticipated trouble and used black slides.


    If you say so. 🙂

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