ORK-05 Answer

The previous post ORK-05 was cracked by George (and Amog in part). I guess I should have made the quiz even more abstract. But I thought it should be better if the clues actually lead somewhere unlike Anna University quizzes. 😀

I did think of uploading this audio initially, but I know people have TrackID these days. (Even my phone does) They would have had it cracked in no time. So I thought I’d upload it as a part of the answer.

I present Lux Aeterna

P.S: You should also see a few “unofficial” star wars clips in youtube with Lux in the background. It was really good.


2 thoughts on “ORK-05 Answer

  1. Hi Karthik,
    I like quiz very much. Can u send me symposium quiz questions so i can test my knowledge and upgrade myself. Pls send me previous symposium questions.

    Thank you very much

    1. @Mohammed,

      Sadly, it has been sometime now since I have been involved in active quizzing. Also, I am no longer in college – so I wouldn’t happen to know what questions are being asked there.

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