ORK Series

1 Rupee 

ORKOru Rooba Quiz Series is being started for the quizzing buffs. Initially I wanted to make it a 100 Rupee quiz or something. But then I thought about it and knew instantly that people would crack it and claim money and Ill be bankrupt in no time at all. Since the blog is open to all, I am sure pro quizzers will crack it in no time….

Hence the concept of 1 rupee. Anyone cracking the quiz can claim the one rupee from me any time. 😀 (or even get it through friends if possible.) I shall try and raise money for the quiz if possible and offer better prize money in the future. But for now I am broke and cannot offer more. I hope the excitement of the quiz will compensate for the poor monetary reward.

One Rupee Note 

Don’t complain about the ‘chilrai’. For ardent quizzers, money alone should not be a motivation. 😀  

Quick Links to ORK’s so far:

ORK 01

ORK 02

ORK 03

ORK – 04 Quiz (Not FAQ’s afterall)


6 thoughts on “ORK Series

  1. @Subbu,

    It’s not the answers that matter with the ORK’s. It’s how you find it. 😀 The pleasure is not in knowing the answer itself but finding it out. If you put your head to it, it hsouldn’t be too difficult.

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