I Walk Alone

Walk Alone
Walk Alone

The day: day before yesterday, the time: too late, don’t bother. (well, actually around 22:00) Our man (ok ,it’s very odd to call myself that) just finished work in office. From office to home, I have a last bus at 22:20. There is one at 22:00 as well, but then, more often than not when I set out to go somewhere at 20:00, I reach there at least 5 minutes late. So the 22:00 bus was a lost cause. So, I was waiting for the 22:20 bus.

I am in the bus stop waiting for 10 minutes, 15 minutes, time simply refuses to fly by. So I go to a potti kadai (don’t know what it is called in Karnataka/Kannada) and buy myself a 7 up mobile bottle. I am sipping the 7 up away to glory waiting for the bus. I notice that it is now 22:25, and the bus still hasn’t come. That’s when you are reminded of a God and start saying prayers “Please God, make this bus come somehow.” I wait till 22:30, and the bus is still not there. Whoa!!! Now I panic.

Finally I decide the bus is never going to come. So the logical next step is to take an auto and go home. But you know what ? Recession has really hit us. It’s time for cost cutting. So instead of doing the smart thing, I decide to walk. My house is a good 7 kilometers from my office. At my usual speed I get there anywhere between 40 minutes and an hour.

I am walking and am almost midway to my house when this guy on a bike stops. He says something in Kannada to which I have no reply, because I don’t have the slightest of clue what he is saying. Now, to describe this guy, he is really stocky. Not fat, but stocky. The type that could probably lift me with one hand, toss me away and laugh about it. He was also dark and that accentuated his red eyes!! And yes, he did look a little drunk. So I manage to say “Kannada gothilla” (which I am told means, “I don’t know Kannada”. So he replies in Hindi saying “you are like a friend to me” and offers a handshake, which I do not refuse. What’s to lose after all ? Then he offers me a lift on his bike. He asks me how far I live and I lie to him saying, just around the corner. Now, I won’t lie about this, but I was scared. I mean there are an infinite number of things he can do if I accepted the lift. The least scariest of them being me getting killed. So somehow I refuse the life and hurry back home.

And I live to tell the tale. The man could really have been a noble soul and maybe he would have dropped me home after all. But then when it is 11:30 in the night and someone you don’t know offers you a lift, you say NO, no matter what. The same is true with giving someone a lift as well. Always be on the lookout.

P.S: The title is borrowed from the Green Day song “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”. My shadow was the only one that walked beside me. 🙂


Lost In Thought

I was traveling home this evening by bus, pretty preoccupied with lots of things. Like the four Breezers I had last night at a dinner party, 😛 , how much more I could have stomached (without looking for a loo), the upcoming appraisals I have, what I should do over the weekend, what I should have for dinner. I am having all these thoughts swirling in my head when this guy in the bus is trying to sell me something. At first I barely notice, but then he inches closer and closer, and though I am not looking in his direction, I get this feeling he is heading towards me. I am still lost in thought, thinking ‘damn, I only wish I could leave earlier’ and ‘man, why do I end up working till 10 in the night everyday’.

Now, this guy is really close. He is like one seat away, and he is looking at me and uttering something in Kannada, which I obviously don’t understand. I still don’t pay much attention to him, and instead am thinking ‘the nerve on hawkers these days, they don’t ever give up do they’. I am this close to yelling at this guy that I don’t want whatever it is that he is trying to sell me, but then realise that he is wearing a Khaki shirt, and is clutching a few bills in one of his hands, delicately balancing himself with the other while the bus sways and jumps over speedbreakers which the driver anyway thinks is to test the warranty on the suspension. He looks annoyed now. Finally I pay enough attention to him and just about in time (before he beat me black and blue), manage to say “Ondu Jyothi’, pay him 5 bucks and get back the ticket. 🙂

Another Post in the Blog

Phew. Man. If only I was Madonna, I’d probably go ‘Long Long Time ago, I can still remember…’ After being in hibenation for really really long (which was a welcome change for most people who pretended to read  my blog.) I resurface again. Or atleast hope so. Ever since I left college and joined a job, things have never been the same. I mean in college, you could call sick any time you felt like, at work, you could still do that, only your pay would get docked. Then there is always this issue with higher ups who think you can fit in three days worth of work into one day. So that means you aren’t left with much time. Time has never been much of an issue though. It’s just that I haven’t had an internet connection at home for so long and my company does not allow you to access wordpress (among many other sites)

I am kinda rusty after being out of the game for so long. Also, I didn’t really know what to write about. So you have just another useless post. Here’s hoping that I can blog more frequently.

More Indians ?

No no need to be alarmed about the Indian population. (Well, not from the title of the post at least.) This is about Natives or Native Americans. Red Indians perhaps ?

I was flipping through TV channels a couple of days back and I saw photos of tribals and the news went on to announce how a new tribe had been found somewhere in the Amazon. (not the website, silly 🙂 ) It was intriguing because this is the kind of stuff you read only in fiction.

Anyway, I got hold of a couple of snaps


The men are the figures in red dye and the black figure is supposed to be a woman. Whether these people are also cannibalistic is unknown.

There are a great many implications of finding a tribe. Sooner than later someone is going to go after these people and kill them by offering them Coke or something. They will try and westernize these tribals and teach them English alphabets. I say leave them alone.

Read more:

Uncontacted Indian Tribe Found in Brazil’s Amazon

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The Amazonian tribe that hid from the rest of the world – until now

IPL:Chennai Cheer Leaders-Way To Go

Ok, I tried the best I could to find a search term that would yield images or videos of what I was trying to find, but then couldn’t. So I guess, I will just have to write a few thousand words instead. 🙂

There’s been a lot of fuss really about the recent IPL and the cheerleaders. All the cheerleaders are asking the Government officials is to “Bare with them”, but these buggers, can’t even consider that request!! They keep saying “Not in public place.” 😉 (Wonder what they mean.)

Anyway, I was watching Chennai’s match yesterday and I couldn’t help noticing something about the Chennai cheerleaders’ moves. It seemed oddly familiar. I am sure I have seen that somewhere before. Then it came to me….

Proposed Changes:

I propose the following changes,

1) Take away those frilly cheer-leading-things (?) from them and give them a bunch of neem leaves instead. (Neem wards of evil and is supposed to be healthy. No ? What’s more ? If you forget to brush your teeth, guess what you can use ?)

2) The attire can be duly changed from team colours (uniforms) to sarees or something more suitable to go with the culture. 🙂 (You can still maintain support to the team by wearing Yellow sarees. Isn’t that what people wear in temples normally ?)

3) Change the music to “Mariamma, Mariamma……..” Sivamani can manage the drumming I guess. 🙂

Ok, you pretty much get where I am going with this, don’t you ? No ? (Ok, thank God for you, I found some pictures finally. Thousand words was looking like a daunting task. Phew.)

(second image courtesy: here )

Disclaimer: Now, I am trying to make fun, but it’s also a jolly good idea. This way, everyone is happy and maybe the Chennai Super Kings will win for a change with Divine Intervention.

My humble apologies to God, in case it even sounds remotely like I am poking fun at Him/Her. But I am not. Better be cautious though. Don’t want to take chances with God.

Chennai Centric-01-Adyar Depot Traffic Signal ?!?

Have been wanting to post this for a while now, but at first I did not have a camera phone and then I did not go out for a while.

I am sure a lot many of you who live in an around Adyar, Thiruvanmiyur and Besant Nagar would have noticed this by now.

Adyar Depot Traffic Signal

(photo shot on my phone cam.)

On the way to Thiruvanmiyur from Adyar, the traffic signal that is supposed to point straight, points left instead. So if you want to go to Thiruvanmiyur, you will have to go to Besant Nagar and then come round about. 😀 This is how wonderful India is. I was there the first day this was repaired (it used to be alright earlier) and we motorists were still waiting for the forward signal to switch ON. To our agony, it never did. Then a traffic policeman comes and asks us to go explaining how someone screwed it up when repairing it. Ah, how beautiful.

When will these incompetent idiots learn ?

Dhanvanthri Temple Coimbatore-Wikimapia

Someone named new, wanted to know where Dhanvanthri temple was in Coimbatore in the comments section of another post. As a former resident of Coimbatore and top contributors in Wikimapia 😉 (though, sadly the descriptions don’t show my name. 😦 ) , I thought I’d post a picture from Wikimapia to make things easy for this person. (Who BTW could have used his/her real name.)

Here’s the pic:


(click on the thumbnail to see larger pic. Pic Courtesy Wikimapia)

I have marked out a few landmarks to make the process of locating the temple easy. However, you will have to ask locals for directions once you are close enough. (I am not going to say third left and then second right and all that.)