WordPress Bugs Bugging Me

If you read my previous post, you should know that I got mad midway and stopped with the post. Why though ?

Stupid New WordPress Dashboard. I don’t like the new version. I simply hate it. It’s been acting up of late and what was previously a simple process of posting has now become a bloody messy issue.

  • I am using IE 8 and I am having problems uploading pictures. Every time I’d upload a picture, this would happen:

Oh, I forgot, I cannot upload pictures with IE (which I am currently on). So, now I will have to switch browser and go to Opera. Wait a minute. Let me do that.

Ok, now I am on Opera. So lemme upload the pic.

Wordpress Issues

If you are asking yourself, what’s wrong with this, this is how it should be,

Wordpress Bugs

As you can see, in the first of the two images, the Insert into Post button is missing. So I manage to upload a file, but have no way of inserting that into the post. Wow, really nice.

I also hate this feature of Gallery. It’s annoying at the very least. As George pointed out in one of his comments, you have to first click on an image to get a medium sized picture and then click on it again to get the original sized picture. Ridiculous and not many people clicking on the picture would know and even if they did know would want to click on the image a second time.

  • Issues with Thumbnails:

I would upload images and insert thumbnails of them into the post only to find that you cannot click on it to enlarge it. I checked the code and the code was alright. I remember issues even in one of my previous quizzes where in spite of me re-uploading certain pictures, they refused to display properly.

This happened in my previous post too and I hated it. Had to insert the gallery later on which I simply hate.

  • Gallery, no thanks

Another stupid issue. Once you have uploaded a picture, you have to immediately insert it into your post. If you make the mistake of uploading another picture, then both go and sit in the gallery and you can no longer upload the first picture separately into your post. Wunderba!! How very inconvenient.

  • Word unwrap ?

One weird thing I noticed and this is what pissed me off the most was that as I was typing like I am right now, the line just went on like it happens on notepad when word wrap is not turned on. Once again, I checked the code and it was fine. I published the post, looked at in on different browsers and my whole page was now spoilt.

I know the service is free and has been good for most part. But then this is just ridiculous.


11 thoughts on “WordPress Bugs Bugging Me

  1. ROFL.

    Karthik, prepare to have lots of people insulting you for not using Firefox (even though you mentioned later that you tried it on Opera too). You were really brave to mention that you were using IE. What’s wrong with you? IE sucks. Fact.

    So anyway I use WordPress 2.5.1 and it is similar to the customised version running on WordPress.com. The Gallery is quite weird but I suspect that it is only because we are not used to it. The previous mode was suited for power users and the Gallery is configured towards casual users. I liked the old system better but I have learned to tolerate the new one after spending some time understanding it. I still prefer the old way.

    After changing some options I am able to get thumbnails resized and displayed correctly though the quality of the resized thumbnail leaves much to be desired. I don’t have your problem of thumbnails linking to the thumbnail image which in turn links to the actual image. I have never heard of this happening actually. I am also able to insert one image when I have upload two or more. There are options there but I haven’t uploaded an image for a long time and I’m too lazy to actually try it out so I’m not sure.

    I also haven’t heard of any word wrap issues. I suggest you try to code editor mode for writing posts instead of the other editor. I turned off the visual editor when I first tried out WordPress. It was that bad.

  2. @Marc,

    I do not intend on using Firefox. Thanks.

    The gallery is simply no good. Maybe if you don’t want to give organisation of photos on your post any thought at all.

    That multiple linking happens with gallery (which is why gallery sucks).

    I did use the code editor to check once the post was done. Didn’t find anything odd there.

  3. He’s a hardcore MS fanboi, that’s why. Everyone uses Firefox. Why would you choose to use a bad browser than implements web standards incorrectly and has more bugs that anyone can keep track of?

  4. Hey! Came across this post when I was actually searching for some answers regarding wordpress.
    IE ?? LOL !! IE sucks. I heard the new version was even better than Firefox. All crap ! I too hate the new wordpress dashboard and he new logo too! The previous one was much simpler.

  5. Is your friend now going to ask you to stop blogging ‘coz I landed up in your blog from an external source ? ( Psst…I just read your guest book ) 😀
    No offence what so ever !! Cheers ! 🙂

  6. @George,

    Because Marc keeps recommending it. 🙂


    That’s not why.


    MS claims its better. They also said Vista is better than XP. 🙂 WordPress dashboard takes some getting used to.

    Oh, and ignore my friend if you want to stay sane. 😉 (Even if AU was a sane enough reason for me to close down my blog.)

    None taken (on behalf of Marc.)

  7. Everyone prescribes Firefox, and for good reason. If you don’t use it you are simply missing out. IE is not better than Opera or Firefox in any way.

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