Z Ultimate Exam

Tomorrow is going to be the last (regular) exam I shall be writing as a part of my B.E course. Having studied well for the other two exams and totally screwing them, I have decided I shall not be preparing for tomorrow’s exam. So, I am yet to start studying. 🙂

However, if I want this to stay my last exam, then I better get going and start studying now. 😀

I just hope, tomorrow I do better than I have so far this semester.


6 thoughts on “Z Ultimate Exam

  1. @Gowtham,

    Yes, 95 % of 70 is what I’ll be getting. Also, can we drop this joke please. I have heard it so many times. Pick on someone else for a change. How about the person who has commented after you ? 🙂


    Kartik does seem to be busy in his schedule. I, (Karthik != kartik != Karthick) however am not. No frequent updates because these days i write in burst mode. (Bharath taught me a trick or two. 😛 )

    Also remember I had an exam on the 6th. It’s only been a day since my exam got over.


    Well, alright I guess. All I want to do is PASS.

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