David Beckham’s Avatars

As always I aws searching the net for something and landed on something else. I was searching to see what was happening at Los Angeles Galaxy to which the footballer David Beckham has moved. You people can say anything about David Beckham. That he is not all that good at football, nothing compared to a Ronaldo or Ronaldinho. But the truth is, he is a good footballer if not a great one and a great human being too. I am a big fan of his. 😀

Here are one or two pictures I found online.

Beckham – Superman??


Beckham – Elvis ??

Beckham - Elvis

Beckham – Cowboy ?

Beckham- Cowboy


6 thoughts on “David Beckham’s Avatars

  1. I did not suggest he was gay. I know you are refering to the Brokeback mountain pic here. 🙂

    The pic was meant to depict beck as a cowboy and not as gay.

    And I do know he is married to Victoria…. he even has Victoria tattoed on his forearm. I did that once in chemistry class in second semester with my ball pen and Arumugam (wasnt that his name ?) was livid!!

  2. You wrote ‘Victoria’ on your arm?!

    Anyway, you should have asked him why he cared if you were using YOUR pen to write stuff on YOUR arm while attending classes YOU paid for.

  3. I wrote victoria in hindi 😀 …just like that really. To show how bored I was in the class!! He demanded to know what I had written , I said “Manchester United, sir”….to which he replied “Loosaappa nee ?” 😛

    We mutually hated each other, so I didn’t want to take it to the next level which would have involved me getting 4 or 5 in my internals…So I kept quiet

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