Indian Passport Application

I need to apply for he passport, because my prospective employer wants me to have a passport when I join. So I was going through the Indian Passport form and here’s what I found:  

1)                 “Left Hand Thumb Impression if male and right Hand Thumb Impression if female

I am not poking fun at these people, but is there any significance to it ? Seriously, some science behind it ?

2) Also,

Sex: Male ___ , Female____, Others____. (No, there is no intended joke at the “others.” I am mature enough not to do something like that 🙂  )

So if someone ticks “Others”, then which thumb do they use ? 😀

Ashok Chakra                                    


10 thoughts on “Indian Passport Application

  1. Perhaps its like this:

    Statistically there are more male right handers and more female left handers. So the idea is the less used hand has clearer finger prints :P…hahaha I’m laughing at this myself…

  2. While discusiing with Shiva, I came up with this one

    The passport authorities will just wait and see what you do.If you follow the instruction correctly, then they will say “gotcha!!” No pasport for you. You know to read and you didn’t sign. Wonder what else you are hiding from us CRIMINAL!! (Hindi movie style)

    there was also another possibility, but we will not get into that one.

  3. Who ever you are first remove the emblem from this site. Don’t just criticise with out knowing the reasons, especially by reference to Indian nationality.

  4. @Arjun,

    Sir yes sir Arjun sir. You are not the Tamil film actor by any chance are you ? Coz, I am so scared right now.

    I did not criticise. There was no hint of criticism. The word you are looking for is perhaps curiosity/wonder. If you are so concerned about national pride and honour, perhaps you will write and find out and let us all know.

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