NFS ProStreet

 NFS Pro Street

If there’s one game I have been crazy about since my childhood, it has to be Need For Speed. I have played almost every edition till date.(I haven’t completed Carbon yet though 😦 ). ProStreet is the eleventh edition of the game. (Carbon, Most Wanted, UG-2,UG,HP-2,Porsche Unleashed,High Stakes,Hot Pursuit,NFS II, NFS). Wiki also says that Motor City Online, V-Rally 2 and V-Rally were released. And some additional games exist for PSP.I have never heard of it nor played it till date.

The official site is:

Some of the features new to ProStreet are:

  • No illegal street racing hence no Police. So no sergeant Cross

  • Better graphics. (If you still have a P3 or something with 256MB RAM and no Graphic card, then don’t complain)

  • Damage modelling. (It was there in NFS 4 and 5 , after which they discontinued it.)
  • As with all recent NFS’s, this time Kyrstal Forscutt (former Big Brother Australia contestant) and Sayoko Ohashi will cast the game.

The gals

Here are some links to the Videos:

NFS Pro Street – First Look

NFS Pro Street -Every Battle Counts (TV Ad)

NFS Pro Street -Every Corner Counts (TV Ad)

Birth of NFS Pro Street -Chapter 1-On SPIKE

Birth of NFS Pro Street -Chapter 2-On SPIKE

Birth of NFS Pro Street -Chapter 3-On SPIKE

Birth of NFS Pro Street -Chapter 4-On SPIKE

Birth of NFS Pro Street -Chapter 5-On SPIKE

Download the PC Demo:

The PC Demo can be downloaded form here. But it’s a 795MB file. So use a download manager if at all you download it, because you wouldn’t want it to stop midway. (And also make sure you aren’t paying for your downloads. 😀 )

It is supposed to release sometime in November. More on Pro Street Later….


14 thoughts on “NFS ProStreet

  1. Dude, face it. The only person who’s going to be able to play the game is me. I have a P4 2.4 GHz Prescott, 2×512 MB DDR RAM running in dual channel config and a GeForce 6600GT Anniversary Edition. And it’ll be choppy on my PC!

    If you manage to run the game at all you’d be playing in the lowest graphical settings and it would look like shit. Better not to play it at all.

    I started playing the NFS series when the developers grew some brains and let me modify the cars I drive and introduced drag and drift racing. Before that it was just boring. Who wants to drive normal street cars around and around on circuits?

  2. I have a core 2 duo processor with a 1GB RAM and a graphics card. Plus to make driving a pleasure Logitech gaming wheel as well. So if you think you are the only person who is going to be able to play this game, well….errr think again. Whoever gave you the idea people stopped buying PC’s after you last bought your’s. I know loads of people with configs better than mine.

  3. It’s not the processor speed or the RAM that counts. Ultimately it’s the graphics card.

    Try playing Colin McRae DiRT on your machine.

    Your configuration is not better than mine unless you have a better graphics card.

  4. Come oooon, guys! What are you trying to do with those oldies? I am also going to play this game, and I have a X2 4000+//2GB of memory//X1950Pro 256/256.

    Now, let’s wait for someone with a better computer to show up…

  5. @Kodrutz,

    nice to see you here. Great PC you have. Actually we aren’t competing on who has the better PC. 😀 but if we are seems like you’ve got a better one!!

    And, in India a Core2Duo is not considered an oldie. Agreed Quad core is avilable in the market. But go see any Pc vendor and they are still selling DualCore (Pentium D) and P4’s.

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