Grand Canyon-Rim to Rim Hike

Ok, while a lot of planning went into trying to make this trip happen, it never did, due to unforeseen circumstances. Bummer! Hopefully, we’ll do it someday in the future, and take pride in having done it.

I even had a t-shirt with a QR code embedded in it with a link to this page 🙂 I’m never wearing that t-shirt in public sight till I complete the hike some day, and have a link to that page in here, so that at least some pride can be salvaged if people ever decide to whip out their smart phones, and look up the QR code.

Update: 2015-11-23:

I finally earned the right to wear that T-shirt with the embedded QR code on it. Although it reads Rim-Rim May 2014, and I did not get a new T-shirt made, (the first time it was a group thing, and we all wanted T-shirts to be worn after the hike 🙂 ) I think I’ll just include a link to the new hike here:

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