Prep Hike-01-Butcher Jones Trail-2014-03-15


The aim of these posts, was to share some details of the terrain, some logistics such as how to get there, where to park, some of the metrics I collected using a fitness tracking app (Endomondo) – to give a fair idea of what to expect on the hikes if you were to do it. The other idea was also including some snaps taken, and a personal account of what I/we as a group experienced on these hikes – there has to be some fun element to these posts. If it’s just the facts, there are way better resources out there. However, I haven’t found time to do the actual write up’s due to several things keeping me busy. I will hopefully get around to it soon, so that I remember some of the stuff that actually went on.


As plans kept evolving regarding the main hike, and more new people wanted to try out and see if they’d be interested in the GC R2R, we thought of doing an easier hike. (compared to Camelback.) Butcher Jones trail is in the Apache junction/Superstition Mountains. This is also where “four peaks” is – something I didn’t know, considering I had lived near a namesake pub in Tempe for ~2 years. And this is also where the salt lake is – I have had the good fortune of tubing on the salt lake. This is one of the picturesque hikes you will do, even if it is not the most challenging of hikes in terms of elevation. I think I enjoyed this hike in spite of it not being very challenging.

Here’s the Endomondo logs:





The total distance of the hike was: ~5 miles

We took so long to complete the hike: ~2 hours + 30 minutes break between turning around to take in the view and just relax in general.

The total elevation Gain was: ~250 ft. (back and forth)


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