Prep Hike-00-Camelback Mountain-Cholla Trail-2014-02


The aim of these posts, was to share some details of the terrain, some logistics such as how to get there, where to park, some of the metrics I collected using a fitness tracking app (Endomondo) – to give a fair idea of what to expect on the hikes if you were to do it. The other idea was also including some snaps taken, and a personal account of what I/we as a group experienced on these hikes – there has to be some fun element to these posts. If it’s just the facts, there are way better resources out there. However, I haven’t found time to do the actual write up’s due to several things keeping me busy. I will hopefully get around to it soon, so that I remember some of the stuff that actually went on.


This hike was done on 02-01-2014 – the first of many hikes leading to the planned Grand Canyon rim-rim hike. I had never hiked regularly before this, but had been cycling for about 6 months leading up to this, so I thought I was in pretty decent shape cardio wise. But yes, there were people wearing elevation masks running up and down the slopes. 🙂 There are two trails to get to the Camelback mountain peak – (i) Echo trail and (ii) Cholla trail. I haven’t been on the Echo trail, so I personally don’t know how they compare. The elevation to the top from the cholla trail was ~800ft, although difference of min and max altitude is 1328 ft – which is weird because endomondo should show a total elevation higher than this. Generally, total elevation gain is higher or equal to the elevation gain between two points, since there can be ups and downs, in which case you have ascended a higher elevation.

For first time hikers, it is a bit challenging. Also note that this elevation change is over a distance of ~1.4 miles. So, it is steep.

Here’s the Endomondo logs:





I made the mistake of wearing my worn down running shoes on the hike, since I was a novice hiker, and was slipping and sliding on the way down. On the way up as well, I didn’t have sure-footing but it wasn’t too bad compared to on the way down. Also, I made the mistake of carrying a bottle in my hand instead of carrying a backpack/water pack. At the top, I definitely needed both hands in some sections.

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