Anna University Revaluation Results

I had earlier written about AU and it revaluation here:

Anna University – Photocopy-cum-Revaluation

The Anna University Revaluation results are out. Surprising, considering normally they don’t reveal the results till the hall tickets are issued. You see, that way they make that much more extra money by charging for arrear exams you will never write. Someone must have filed a lawsuit against this policy of theirs.

The results have been pretty pathetic for the people for whom I have checked. 😦 Having seen some answer sheets, it was disappointing to see the revaluation marks, which were no better than the actual marks awarded.

You can check the Revaluation results here:

Anna University Revaluation Results



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  1. hi frnd i hav one doubt,if u r sure abt it plz let me know.the sad part of mine is am selected in satyam but i got arrear at my 7th sem.yet i didnt clear in my revaluation.but satyam people hav asked me to join at middle of june.tell me whether the arrear paper result will come along with 8th sem results or separately.many of my frndz threaten me tat arrear paper result will come with a month gap after we get our final sem results…plz save me frm this mental agony…

  2. @Pavithra,

    I don’t know if I can be of any help in this case. I don’t know what Sathyam policies are. (If Sathyam specified only current arrears during your recruitment, then there should not be any problems. However, if they wanted NO history of arrears and I don’t think thats the case, there could be some problem) But then I can assure you that your arrear exam results (that is if you write the paper again along with 8th sem papers) will come along with the 8th semester results in the same mark sheet. So that’s not an issue. Don’t be unduly worried.

  3. hi karthick thanks for immediate reply…ya wat do to its my fate tat again i hav to write it up with 8th sem.want i needed is whether tat arrear paper result come along with 8th sem results.coz even now my frnd rang up telling me tat i may get the result current 8th sem paper results immediately after 20 days we finish our exam,then i may get this arrear results separetly after a gap of 30 days.i dono y people say out things when they r not sure abt anything…anyhow thanks dude

  4. ya no probs with history of arrears and all.they mentioned tat i shud hav completed the degree n must hav all teh mark sheets.nothing more than tat with scared b coz if arrear results are published separately n not with current results there r lotz of risk factors at the time of joining,i acnt provide my mark sheet of final sem na,tatz wat am bothered a lot frnd…

  5. @Karthik, luckily i cleared. The one thing i noticed is that, nobody got more than 36 marks in their external. Congrats to all those ppl who cleared.

  6. @Pavithra,

    In any case, you need not worry. The provisional certificates and the mark sheets will come together for everyone.


    I observed that myself. 36 is the maximum marks thats been awarded in case someone has passed. That’s really bad. I know a few deserving people who expected more. Good that you cleared πŸ™‚ 300 rupees well spent.

  7. hi karthik thanx a lot dude!! ur words made me to relax back peacefully…hectic with these AU people,dono on wat basis they correct,still it remains as a closed book for the frndz who r studying under it…

  8. Rachel:Congrats

    Karthik:Buddy i really don’t know why this AU wankers do like this?.Lot of my pals were pissed off by the reval result.Many were really in a threat of their placement.To me honestly this reval sought of thing is only a good revenue for the AU ppl.400 bugs changing the fate of students.

  9. @ Karthik : Could u tell me whether these results totally depend on mere luck!!! I got two arrears in my second year and thats the only arrears I got and till now I have not cleared these papers.. My friends who had more than 5 arrears has all cleared.. I’m 2007 pass out !!

  10. @Aravindhan,

    I am actually sensing a conspiracy here. I will write it in another post.


    It’s hard to say what happens in the evaluation centres. If you thought you did the papers really well and still didn’t clear, then you have something to be pissed off about. They do depend on a bit of luck too I guess.

    As for clearing your papers, all I can say is Keep It Short and Simple. Do the 2 marks well. I never write more than 30 sides. (Earlier never crossed 22 sides)

  11. @Josh, i agree Karthik’s suggestion coz nowadays the first few sheets of AU answer sheets, has these 2 mark ques . So some will judge you only with your 2 marks answers.

  12. I heard that the results won’t come with the 8th semester results. But some are saying that it will come. I think we should better ask the passed out seniors. They might know about it.

  13. ya i too heared it frm my lecturers.but it seems AU has divided into 5 major zones so correction process will b as soon as possible.and i hav a doubt when will get the degree certificate and provisional certificate.i even heared tat unless we clear all the papers of 8 sems,provisional certificate will not b generated by AU.

  14. @Vinod,

    I asked the same to my staff and they seemed to think that it comes together. So guess no one is sure about it.


    Stop worrying about the results and start worrying about the paper itself. Passing in 8 semesters would mean clearing all papers by the end of 8 sems right ? Yea, if you don’t do that you are majorly screwed!!

  15. Hi, i am a BE student passed out in 2006 and i got passed all subjects in the revaluation recently. Now i have no arrears. Can you tell me when can i get provisional certificate and also will they give overall complete mark sheets with that or i have to apply for that.. Waiting for ur reply.. Thanks

  16. @Raja,

    I am not an authority on these things. It’s best you contact your college and ask them to find out from Anna University.

  17. @ Karthik
    I think you have become some kinda AU’s legal adviser to others. I mean about the rules and regulations of AU to others. ROFL. Well I don’t know why even the staff are not sure about the results. This shows how good the AU system is. You rock DUDE!!!! HEHEHE πŸ˜›
    @ Pavithra
    I think it’s better if you ask about the results of 8th semester to some passed out senior who had arrear in 7th semester and cleared it in 8th. And please worry about your present 8th semester exams because I think the timetable is horrible for many 8th semester departments. It is horrible for CS students if their elective is Grid computing (mine is grid computing 😦 noooooo). So you better concentrate on the 8th semester exams.
    @ Raja
    I think you can contact your college office. They might know the answers for your queries. I think you will get the overall mark sheet with your certificate. Not sure though. It is always better to be in touch with someone in college till you get the certificates and mark sheets.

  18. Please stop using the term ‘passed out seniors’. I keep thinking of drunk seniors lying unconscious on the road.

  19. Hii karthik…. I got arrear in one paper..(5th sem) i applied for revaluaion… not cleared it….so again i hav applied for review of my paper( recorrection they say) ….paying 3000r.s to anna univ…. i want to when will be the result of dat review???

  20. @Remo,

    You must have applied for that scheme through the college right ? I mean it’s supposed to be your subject staff that’s supposed to correct it or something ? It’s best you ask your staff. I doubt if the results will be published in their website at all.

    And I heard that you get to know the result almost immediately.

    But try asking your staff and get the college people to enquire for you.

  21. even i have applied for the 3000 deal and i expect the results to be out within 10 days according to my reliable sources….
    but having known anna univ for the past four years i shall not be surprised even if it comes today.

    authors name changed on request

  22. 1. results for the arrear exams do not come with the 8th sem exam results.
    8th sem results will be out in 2 weeks max.
    arrear exam results will be out exactly one month after the last arrear exam

    8th sem marksheet will be provided immediately.

    Provisional certs also will be given immediately if u have no arrear exams and u are writing only the final semester exams and u passed.

    Same case for the consolidated marsheets.

    If in case u have arrears u will get markseet,consolidated marskeet and provisional only after the results of the arrear exams .

    Degree certificate will be provided only after one year.

    authors name changed on request

  23. Hi karthick,
    Will a candidate be able to write the B.E exams after 7 years if he is unable to clear it in 7 years.please reply.


  24. @Jacob,

    Isn’t it 8 years ? I am not sure. You should keep checking the AU site. They have circulars and stuff. And contact your college.

  25. @Lakshmanan,

    I found the Coimbatore and trichy websites. I didn’t know there was one in Tirunelvely.

    Sorry, but no information.

  26. i passed wit the 3000rs review results…..i had one paper and i cleared tat….so i get my degree….
    karthik tis is a nice blog but maintain regular posts else you will lose your readers…

    authors name changed on request

  27. @xyz,

    That’s great news. You should give some thought to sueing anna university. How did they flunk you once and then again in revaluation when you have clearly done well enough to pass. File a lawsuit.

    As, for my posts frequency, I write when I get the time. Sorry, if it isn’t frequent enough. 😦

  28. Dear mr .karthick,
    I have got the web site address of Anna university thto Au chennai office – you can communiccate this to any one whoask for it. infact the website is not fully operational most of the information slot shows as unders onstruction
    B. lakshmanan
    Pan Book Bank Chennai

  29. @Lakshmanan,

    Ah, that’s nice. Sorry I could not be of much assistance.

    But I guess the reason the website isn’t popular yet is because it still doesn’t have much content.

  30. @George,

    There are Anna Universities now in different cities. There’s one in Madurai, one in Coimbatore. Each headed by their own Vice Chancellors.

    They could not take Vishwanathan’s shit any longer.

    (Vishwanathan is the retard responsible for banning cell phones in engineering colleges and trying to introduce a retarded dress code.)

  31. HI,
    I have jus written 5 of the six semester papers for fourth sem ece.. The first three papers were damn tough. I have nt done all th exams badly. As of now i have an agg of 80%. Will the even sem correction be very tough?? I am cat on the wall type for two exams?? I feel bad for not putting in better efforts but still i think the fault is not mine if the paepr s tough?? Will the evaluators check only the diagrams or even go through the answers.. I have missed quite a few parts in many diagrams.. I know u just passed out of college n u are not an evaluator but i would like to know ur experiences with anna university xams..

    Hope i pass coz otherwise i might be at the receiving end of fire-crackers at home..

  32. @Sathish,

    The revaluation results were out a long time back. We guys have finished writing the 8th semester. I don’t get it. What are you doing ?

    If you cleared it, you wouldn’t have the name of the subject on your hall ticket I reckon ? Lemme try and check anyway.

    I can’t find any direct link on AU website. Try contacting your college.

  33. @the other Karthik,

    I sympathise with you man. That’s a good aggregate you’ve got there.

    The fault is definitely yours. You can’t always go expecting direct questions everytime, (even if you find that your preparation goes to waste most times.). I am sorry for saying that, but that’s the truth.

    But, relax. I don’t know about the evaluation and it’s pretty vague and odd really.

    Generally, I try to make sure that I have written enough to pass on my own. That way, you are not leaving it to the examiners whims. (Even if this semester, I have done quite badly myself.)

    But with a little luck, you should clear the papers. Also, overall performance counts. If everyone has done badly, you will most definitely pass. So cheer up.

  34. hi sir,,,,

    when will the anna university release the first semester revaluation results,, had given it a month before…… but still results are not known…. i mean coimbatore anna univ…… plz help me by a positive reply………

    thanking u…..

  35. @Suchi,


    Well, I have no idea. Sorry about it. First semester ? I thought we had an annual pattern these days and that exams were just on.

    But the results should be out before the next exams come.

  36. hi karthi,,

    will u please let me know whether i hav to prepare for my arrears or shud i wait till the revaluation results are known….. im confused …

  37. @Suchi,

    I feel bad here. Because I don’t know what to say. How about you ask your college people to find out about the revaluation results. Also, what course exactly are you doing ? and from which college ?

    There’s nothing wrong in preparing for the exams as long as it’s not at the expense of current semester exams.

  38. hi guys…..i’m doing final year B.E(cs)….i have arrear in pqt …this time also question paper was tough….if i got arrear will i get certificates along with other guys in convecation day or separtely and with this arrear can i apply for a job plz help me…………….

  39. Hi,

    When r d 8th sem anna university results conducted during april may 2008 coming??? Will 7th sem arrear results come together with 8th sem or separately.

  40. @Naveen,

    I don’t know what you are talking about.


    I wish I could help you, but the harsh reality is, if you do not clear your papers by 8th semester, it’s hard to say anything. And you can definitely not apply for good jobs.


    Tell me about it!!


    I guess not. We got to know that yesterday now, didn’t we ?Infact it might come together. Even the 8th semester results have not been announced.

  41. In the case of BE Final Year 2008 VIII semester candidates with arrears, Anna University has announced that RESULTS OF SUCH CANDIDATES WILL BE PUBLISHED ALONG WITH ARREARS RESULTS.”
    But Revaluation circular says that last date for applying is 29th May for VIII Semester candidates?

    Unless the university publishes the VIII Sem. Exam results, how aggrieved students can apply for revaluation of their papers by 29th May.
    It appears that the results of arrears candidates may come at least one day before 29th May.
    As I right in thinking. Please throw light.

  42. hi sir,

    hav to clear my arrear paper….. wil the question paper be tough or easy???? i hav started preparing and recalling it back…… actually im dng my BE computer science first year ..

  43. @suchi
    well u prepare to ur best 4 exams,being in first yr getting arrears will make u frustrated.but how come karthik can say whether paper will b tough or easy.come on cheer up do ur exams well.all the best…

  44. @Ram,

    I don’t think so. There will be another set of revaluation I guess.

    Results should be out latest by second week of June. Or atleast, that’s what I think.


    I really wish I knew the answers to some of the questions you people ask me. πŸ˜€ I have never written an arrear paper in my Engineering (Thank God for that) and hence have no first hand information about it.

    However, my friends do tell me that arrear papers are generally tougher than the actual papers. Whether it’s actually the case or people feel so because they lose touch over some time, I do not know.

    I have seen one or two arrear papers. And they did seem a bit tough.


    Thanks. Atleast one person noticed. πŸ™‚

  45. thanx for ur replay..
    i got placed in a mnc s/w company… Is there any trouble to join, if i dont clear it in revaluation..?? wat abt ur openion???

  46. Any idea wen the 8th sem results for the arrear students wil be published ? I have 1 arrear in 7th sem 😦

  47. hi i had done my IT ving an agg of 82% till my 6th sem in 7 th sem i got an arrear(CBT) even in revaluation it came no change, i ve written the arrear exams to my bad luck i ve got the ques paper very very tough ,i ve been placed in an MNC a year before itself, i am really worried about the results. i will be thank full if any one inform me when will b the reults are yet to be published?

  48. @Ramesh,

    I think that should be clear from the offer letter.

    If they specified ‘No history of arrears’ at the time you were placed then you are definitely in trouble.

    Even otherwise, if you (God forbid) do not clear in your revaluation, you have to clear the paper before you are asked to report. By then if you have cleared it, then there should be no problem.


    No idea really. Latest by June 2nd week I guess.


    I feel sorry for you. The results have not been declared. Mostly it is expected sometime around June second week.

    Why have I still kept comments going here?

  49. @Ganesh,

    I feel sorry for you people. I know of a few of my friends too who had good aggregates and if not for the 1 arrear in 7th semester, they’d have gotten themselves distinction

  50. Wheter the anna university paper valuation has been carried out in their respective zones or not???

  51. thank you …, i dont know what is happening in valution of answer sheets i am sure that i would had passed with 60 mark if the valuation is correct i had got the answer sheet xerox too ,but to my surprise people those how just applied for revalution got revalution got pass mark ,but it was no change for me. Wont those who take ques paper wont check whether these ques r in text book or in the syllabus 7 th sem cBT arrear ques is full of out of syllabus and full of prog not in text book . i am really wondered why often arrear exam ques is very very tougher than regular exam ques…

  52. Can anyone tell me as to when people with arrears in 7th sem get their results????? Some of them say June 15th,some say july 1st week or June end.. I’m sick and tired of everything.. Can anyone say an almost correct date atleast???Pls 😦

  53. @Ramesh,

    The regular papers of the 8th semester supposedly were. Thats what I heard. It may even have been done in your college.


    Arrear exams are indeed harder than regular papers. I can think of a few reasons, but none of them need to be true.

    As for programs appearing out of the book, that is allowed. You should have seen my (EEE) OOP paper.

    But then sometimes it so happens that they ask us questions from the previous regulation. Dumbasses really.


    No one except Anna university guys can. I don’t see why you are sick and tired. If you ask people like me who are not associated in anna university in any way more than you are, you will get unsatisfactory answers.

    But then I did hear it should be out by June 20th.

  54. Considering this post was written when I was in my 7th semester and I am done with engineering now and the comments keep pouring, I am closing comments.

    To all the hapless people, sorry, but I do not have answers to your questions. I don’t have to tell you this personally.

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