1,000,000 hits and counting

Hit me! (well, if you are reading this on a computer sitting next to me, I didn’t mean this literally of course. Otherwise, I couldn’t care less.)

While, I would want to pretend that I just happened to notice the number, and am mentioning is just matter-of-factly, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The truth is, I saw it on 999,xxx a few days back, and have been licking my lips in anticipation waiting for the number to cross into the next most significant bit. Of course, finding time to notice the number after that has been a little difficult. I did want to wait till the number reached 1,048,576, (take a guess) but that’s surely going to take time, and I don’t want to wait that long only to forget about it. Going by my old post, it’s taken slightly more than two years for the number to double.

For everyone who follows the blog (high hopes, I know) – thanks. For all the unfortunate people who have landed on the blog unintentionally only to have the rest of their day ruined, sorry. 🙂 For all those brave and courageous people out there – keep reading.


Is Facebook killing the Blog ?

I was just going to post on Faccebook. But the post had me thinking if I should post it on the blog instead – since that made more sense.

Makes you sit up and think, doesn’t it ? Most people that used to be active on blogging circles, are now active FB users. (at least the people I know of) Not to generalize, but I think more people are taking to FB when it comes to sharing thoughts, tidbits, and photos of course.

FB can never be enough for serious writing or creative writing for that matter. However, most people just want to share on what they are upto, or funny one liners, and fb seems to be sufficient for that. Not only is it enough, it is also perhaps a better alternative. Truth be told, I visited a few friends’ blogs after a long long time, (I am visiting mine after quite a bit) and found posts that were at least 2 years old.

Makes me wonder if it’s just that the people I know, have grown out of blogs, not having time enough for it any longer, or if its a changing trend across age groups ?

Anyway, what I was coming to is, after ages of inactivity, I plan to write more frequently again. I think I have the time, and am bursting with ideas which I haven’t been able to share with people I interact with on a daily basis. (for various reasons)

I also wanted to do some modifications to the blog – widgets, theme and stuff. But I think that can wait. Content first 🙂

Theme Changed

I have been using ‘The Journalist v1.9‘ theme for quite sometime now. Realization finally dawned on me that I am never going to be a journalist. 🙂 Oh, and also people have pointed out that my theme is  as dull as my posts and slightly reflects my personality. (Ouch!!)

So here is an attempt to change the way the blog looks and inject a much needed new lease of life or say a face lift (no, it doesn’t require a **** job just yet 🙂 ).

The theme I am currently using is ‘INove‘ by mg12. Other themes that appealed to me include ‘ChaoticSoul‘ , which I have used in the past and hence decided to pass on it. Enterprise seemed pretty ok. Freshy is another theme I like, but again, like ‘ChaoticSoul’, it’s a theme I have used in the past. Same with ‘MistyLook‘. PressRow is also a decent theme. Regulus also seems to be pretty decent. Structure did look like it looked great, but then, my current theme looks better in my opinion. Twenty Ten is another theme that looks nice.

Motion is a theme I really liked and tried out sometime back. (Just for the chronology of events, Vibushan set his theme to that after I tried it out. Not that he would have noticed my theme.) I’ll just have to figure out how to remove the categories from appearing on top. Till then, INove it is going to be.

To post or not to post

As I sit writing this (well-spaced-out) post, I am wondering why it is that over the last two years the number of posts I have written have gone down drastically. From being almost always logged in, and being very anxious to who has said what on my posts, to logging in once in two months, and not even bothering to reply to some of the comments.

Well, at first I thought it was just that I didn’t have access to internet and that I didn’t have enough time in comparison to college days. Well, those two are definitely factors. For a long time after college, I didn’t have access to internet, followed by not having a PC, and not having enough time outside of work.

But, that’s changed of late. I have an internet connection (and a pretty good one at that 😉 , I have a PC ( again a pretty good one at that) and I have time. (enough time, if not surplus). But still, somehow, posts have been few in number. I haven’t found the energy to sit and write something. I don’t even know if I am as thrilled as I used to be about blogging. Is it that I am not interested ? Well, I am not sure. From time to time I have these urges that make me want to write a post, but then my laziness gets the better of me. I try to attribute my waning posting habits to the following:

1) I can no longer read posts/articles …etc which are more than 200 words. I kinda skim through them, and don’t have the energy enough to complete reading them. If that can be said about reading, I believe the same can also be said about writing.  (I must point out that I can still read novels, and at a decent pace.)

2) I don’t read a newspaper, or any magazines (I  used to read plenty of them). Well, I guess unless you know what is going on around you, you don’t really have anything to write about other than your personal life, and common, no one is interested in that. 🙂

3) Back in college, loads of people I knew used to blog. Well, it was just nice to read and to be read.

4) I think I have become more and more of a ‘keep-it-to myself’ guy. I don’tknow why I have become that way. Maybe it is because of the work place, where my opinion doesn’t matter one bit. So, I guess I have developed this, ‘who cares about what I think’ attitude. It’s hard to say, really, but I am sure that I have progressively become worse at trying to convince people to align to my point of view. Not that I am not capable of doing so. I believe I can still make people see my point. It’s just that I guess I don’t want people to see my point. 🙂

Ok, with that I close this post. Untill next time (what, a couple of months from now ?)

New Layout

I actually got bored of my old theme. It’s been there forever and ever. While options are limited in wordpress.com compared to say Blogspot (take a look here) or if you actually have WordPress installed on your own domain, it does give you quite a few options for free. And I am not all that creative with themes either. (Ya , I know you are thinking ‘not like you are creative with content either.’ ) This theme looked simple and nice. Feedback as always is welcome.

One of these days I am thinking of my own self hosted blog. For now though, this is more than enough.