GoPro Hero 5 Black – Data overlay

Ok, so I bought a GoPro Hero 5 Black to capture some videos. I am not really into high octane action sports, so this is really for my own consumption/documentation. That said, it would be nice to capture some of my bike rides and some of my hikes just to be able to share with Friends.

One of the reasons I bought the GoPro is I am not invested in the Garmin ecosystem. And while Garmin’s G-metrix is definitely better than GoPro’s data overlay’s, I don’t think I necessarily need cadence, heart rate and power data on my videos. I think for my purposes speed and elevation suffice.

I had the camera mounted on a K-edge Wahoo/combo mount – so it was out in front and you won’t see the handlebars, or the brake cables …etc. I really like this mount. The second reason I bought this mount is I could also use it with a Velocomp Powerpod.

The camera itself worked well – I was able to shoot 1080p videos at 60fps, and it shot more than an hour. (close to 70 minutes). There are minor quibbles I have with the camera as well, but nothing as infuriating as the software. For instance, simple things like making sure the batter and the microsd card go in only one way, or at least have a picture saying which way it goes in, is a minor thing, but goes a long way in terms of user experience.

The software experience on a Windows 10 laptop was miserable. (A high end windows 10 laptop – a Lenovo P50 with Nvidia Quadro M2000M and Intel core i7).

First of all, the Studio app in itself was really sucky. It frequently got stuck, and refused to let me work continuously on it for more than a few minutes at a time. Other than this, it was actually quite ok to work with – I got the hang of things, and was able to edit a hour long video to a 7 minute video. It took me forever though! thanks to all the constant hang.

Next, I found a good workflow with the Studio app – I was able to splice the sections I wanted, put it together with free music …etc.But then there is no option to do the data overlays from within the Studio app. At this point, I had finished editing the video I wanted.

Gopro’s second Quik app gives you these controls, but I could not get the clips I edited on the Studio app to work with Quik for data overlay. Horrible! And when I asked Quick to overlay data on one of my raw videos to see if I can then edit that, it took forever for the conversion. I gave up at this point and decided, the overlays were not worth hours more of my time.

I need to double check on how much time and storage this takes up, but it seems like a badly thought out software.

The other thing that’s horribly thought out is, I’d like to see a GPS map of my entire ride, and highlight the portion I have completed. When the videos get broken out into howmanyever 4GB videos (every 17 minutes in my case), it just shows that segment in the map – which is pretty useless and lacks context.

I am going to close out this post with however cool Gopro thinks it is as a company, it needs to execute the details well, and get a level of polish to the products where it is intuitive to use. I am not at all surprised to find their share prices are taking such a huge hit. They have been resting on their laurels, and deserve to be kicked on the rearside to get their act straight.


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