Kawasaki comes up with Ninja 300, Honda responds with CBR500R

Ok, no ‘vs’ in the title there. I am not doing a comparison anyway. It isn’t fair to compare two bikes with completely different displacements.

Just a few months back, when I was looking for an affordable bike to buy, the options were limited – I could only narrow down to the Ninja 250 and the CBR 250R. I somehow found the look of the Ninja 250 quite dated, and cludgy. The CBR in comparison looked sleek and new. (partly because it was).

The CBR 250R promo video was also pretty well made,

I hadn’t seen anything on the Ninja 250R, but found this ok, but not-so-great video,

Now, Kawasaki announced the Ninja 300 just a few months back, and although I might have wanted to go for it, I couldn’t wait, and went in for the Honda CBR 250R instead. I am pretty happy with the CBR 250R – would have just preferred the Ninja 300.

The Ninja 300 promo video is mind-blowing,

Just a few days back, Honda announced a few new bikes – of which I found the CBR500R the most appealing. However, the promo video is a complete let down. It feels like it’s a video from the 90’s. Two decades back.


This other video is slightly better,

Of course, this post has nothing to do with the merits of the bikes themselves. 😀

On a closing note, the Pulsar 220 ad still seems to best all of these. The bike itself looks a little puny when you look at it now. 🙂

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