1,000,000 hits and counting

Hit me! (well, if you are reading this on a computer sitting next to me, I didn’t mean this literally of course. Otherwise, I couldn’t care less.)

While, I would want to pretend that I just happened to notice the number, and am mentioning is just matter-of-factly, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The truth is, I saw it on 999,xxx a few days back, and have been licking my lips in anticipation waiting for the number to cross into the next most significant bit. Of course, finding time to notice the number after that has been a little difficult. I did want to wait till the number reached 1,048,576, (take a guess) but that’s surely going to take time, and I don’t want to wait that long only to forget about it. Going by my old post, it’s taken slightly more than two years for the number to double.

For everyone who follows the blog (high hopes, I know) – thanks. For all the unfortunate people who have landed on the blog unintentionally only to have the rest of their day ruined, sorry. 🙂 For all those brave and courageous people out there – keep reading.


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