Random Blog Post

Well, it’s been a while now, since I wrote my last post, and that last post by itself was a long time after the post before that and…. Ok, you get the picture (of course, I still assume, people might stumble upon my blog and read this.)

So I just thought I would simply write a random post about nothing in particular. Of course, there might be some contention on the degree of randomness, but still, one must try every once in a while to be completely random.

I used to love to write a couple of years back, and had the time to pursue my interest. Then, I yearned to write, but never found the time to sit down and write a half-decent blog post. (Which would explain the many incomplete blog posts in my ‘Recent Drafts’ which is no longer recent by any decent measure of recentness). And finally, blogging was just relegated from the things I did on a daily basis – much like reading has – several times, thought I have put in every effort to re-kindle my passion for reading. Right now, even if I was the most interested blogger in the world, I would still not be able to find time for writing. Maybe some day I will…. maybe someday I will.


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