Pakistan: Done. Sri Lanka: Next. Bleed Light Blue

India Sri-Lanka to clash in the 2011 World Cup Final

India made it through. They managed to beat Pakistan and secure a berth in the finals against Sri Lanka. An all Asian final.

A little on the match-gone-by,
I saw that amazing over where Sehwag carted Gul all over the park, and it was a pleasure to watch. Well, see the match was being screened at work. However, once Sehwag was dismissed there was little point in continuing to watch the match. So, yes I did miss most of the Indian batting, which I hear involved yet another middle order semi-collapse, and almost 6 lives for Sachin. Lucky day Sachin.

I did get to watch the Pakistani batting, and in phases they looked like they were going to get there easily. For me the player of the match was Munaf Patel. Sure he bowled a few bad deliveries, but for the first time in this tournament, I saw him bend his back, and was surprised to see him bowl at 140 kmph. We all thought there was perhaps some problem with the Speed Gun there. 🙂 Tested by our company a few guys jokingly remarked. When Nehra touched the same mark, people all around were of the opinion that it was a competing IT services company that tested the machines calibration 😀

Mis-sed Ba-dly on H-tting:
I am not sure what was going through Misbah’s mind, but I am sure there would be some hue and cry over his tactics. (if there was even one.) In the end, he succumbed to the mounting asking rate.

All of you who predicted that India would win versus Paksitan, rejoice. You were right. Go get yourself something nice.

The Match against SriLanka,
It will most likely be an evenly fought contest. I know a lot has been said about the Sri Lankan top order, but as someone pointed out, they haven’t really been tested yet. Not that India has the fire-power to test them, but still. I think if you distill it, it boils down (let’s not get into Chemistry too much) to Sachin vs Murali. Both teams want to win the game for the mentioned individuals, but looking at the matches, it has looked the other way.

Once again, may the best team win.

(Lighter)Side Notes:

Three is Crowd:
Did you observe the three commentators these days ? Whatever happened to three is crowd ? The commentary room even looks crowded now. Now, Sidhu could have manage by himself instead of three folks, but rumor has it that telecasting Sidhu over air was causing harmful environmental effects.

There is also talk that, cricket needs to take a cue from this, and play three teams in one game. Say what ? There would be a lot more excitement exclaimed one commentator. The matches would go down to the wire more than once every match added Ravi Shastri. Navjot Singh Sidhu headed to the nearest public library to find quotes to do with the number ‘three’. He is going to be buried over books for the next few days. Phew! What a relief.

Decision Review System: (DRS is not to be confused with VRS)
On a side note, do you think a batsman/bowler can use the DRS more than once for the same decision ? 🙂 I know it doesn’t make sense, but it would sure be bizzarre. That’s out. I want a review. Reviewed – your out. I want another review. What ?
Call your panchayat thalaivar.
I was not ready.
That came in too fast. Bowl again.
Not trials ? That was the first ball of the over. Come on!

These are some of the options the ICC has been handed by leading experts on this subject.


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