MS Application Results Fall 2011

Having applied to MS, (in the US), I have been eagerly anticipating for the results to come in for the past few weeks, nay, few months now. Well, I had assumed – wrongly it seems, that by around this time, I should have heard back from most, and I would have a few options to choose from. I have been wrong on both counts.

First, I have not yet heard back from a number of them. There is no indication either that I will hear back in the coming few days. Secondly, I have more rejects than admit. (yes, no grammatical error there. Not admits.)

Well, the wait has slowly turned into impatience, and as of now into anxiety. I am not sure how the other results are going to go. I just hope it all goes well, and more importantly that I hear back at least in the next fifteen days. (hopefully with a positive reply.)

3 thoughts on “MS Application Results Fall 2011

  1. What the hell, how can they not take The Champ?

    (Also your grammatical mistake here is not capitalizing the first letter of a sentence when it is inside brackets. And also putting something between commas and again between brackets. You win some, you lose some.)

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