India vs Pakistan Semi Final:Get Used To The Tension

Well, it’s all set. Everybody is talking about it. Every news channel you tune into, every random blog on the internet, including your’s truly’s. It’s everywhere. There is talk that a number of offices are airing the match live at their premises. Great news. I still think most people will be anxiously looking at their wrist-watches, wall-clocks, cell-phones and what not, for the time to strike 2:30 tomorrow. Of course, there is the toss before that.

Well, I am sure people are already making detailed predictions, which will later translate to I-Told-You-So. There are still others who believe the entire thing is fixed anyway (psst.. conspiracy theorists.). When people ask me, I tell them, to their chagrin, that wait till the game is over tomorrow and I will tell you the result. 🙂 Well, there is no point in really trying to device an algorithm to predict who will win. If there ever was an ICC ranking for ‘Most Unpredictable Team’, I am sure Pakistan would top the table, with India not that far behind. So, there.

I don’t know about what each team has to fear in its opponent, but here’s a list of what each team should be worried off inside their own camps,

Pakistan should hope that,

  • Shoiab Akhtar doesn’t play. Sure, he makes a good football goalkeeper, and runs in like a SUV without brakes, but will he be able to make early inroads ? Doubt it.
  • No one spots Afridi chucking. Well, yes, I said it. How can a Pakistani spinner, who can also spin the ball, bowl 130+ Kmph, when India’s own Anil Kumble couldn’t manage so much. Heck, Munaf Patel can’t bowl as fast.
  • That the players use Soda Moodis (read, soda caps), Zippers in trousers (I heard they discontinued that), for intended purposes only, and not to remove a good amount of the Cricket balls surface. They should also really hope that Afridi stays away from the Ball during the drinks break. Here’s why.

India should hope that,

  • Sachin plays well, but doesn’t make a century.
  • Yuvaraj Singh is awake on the pitch. And is not in a foul mood.
  • That Gambhir will ground his bat when he runs between wickets, and will run between wickets only when there is a run. Well, you need to have seen the ‘Quarter Final vs Australia’ to understand this. See this anyway.
  • That the Indian middle order does not behave like a Cycle stand. (to quote Sidhu)
  • That Ashish Nehra doesn’t play. What good could ever come of that ?

In any case, let there be a good match, and may the best team win. [cliche]

Oh, and here’s a video I found on my friend’s wall (on Facebook of course), which is nicely made.

About PaD: In an endeavour to well, make some of my transient thoughts more permanent, I thought I’d write a post-a-day. Well, generally short. But occasionally, well, longer.


One thought on “India vs Pakistan Semi Final:Get Used To The Tension

  1. Turns out I was wrong about Nehra. Splendid bowling by all the Indian bowlers. Munaf Patel finally bent his back, showed aggression and intensity on the field.

    Great win for India overall. Made bunking half day of office worthwhile. 🙂

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