Honda CBR 250R

For all you Pulsar owners, and R15 owners – here’s news if you haven’t already read about it elsewhere – Honda CBR 250R.

The first articles I saw on this, was when I was randonly browsing the internet and chanced upon it. I was thrilled to say the least. Of course, there weren’t those many pictures available then ( some three months back ?), but there are plenty of pictures now.

Bike India Magazine (if you don’t alreay read it and are a bike enthusiast, I suggest you check the magazine out), ran a cover story in their December2010 issue. Old news then ? Not really. The bike is not yet out in the Indian market.

Now, unless you are a ‘Cruiser’ type guy, just the news should be enough to send a tingling sensation through your spine. In my opinion, the looks/styling are fantastic. The seat looks really comfortable. I am not the kind to go into details like split grab rails, and such, but the bike looks functional and stunning. The bike is expected to have a top speed of 150 kms +. On good roads, thats simply awesome. Well, yes, inside the city or even just outside, that’s not going to come in handy ever – not unless you have a death wish.

It comes with dual disc, and even an ABS option – which can be a blessing on good roads. I am not sure if it has options to disable the ABS, change settings …etc hich some high end cars boast of. If it doesn’t, then braking on bad terrain will be a problem.

I am pretty sure this is going to kick Karizma, P220and even R15 in the crotch and easily get away with it. The Ninja would definitely be in the same league – maybe even slightly better, but the CBR 250R is expected to be priced at around 1.5 Lacs.(INR)Music to the ears of people who could never afford a Ninja which comes at 3 Lacs.(INR)

Official Video:

Some commentary:

Some Pics:

You can also read about it here and on the Official Site.


If the bike had already released, I would have definitely gone in for it. I recently bought a Honda Unicorn CB Dazzler. I hope to pen down a review on it soon.

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