Is Facebook killing the Blog ?

I was just going to post on Faccebook. But the post had me thinking if I should post it on the blog instead – since that made more sense.

Makes you sit up and think, doesn’t it ? Most people that used to be active on blogging circles, are now active FB users. (at least the people I know of) Not to generalize, but I think more people are taking to FB when it comes to sharing thoughts, tidbits, and photos of course.

FB can never be enough for serious writing or creative writing for that matter. However, most people just want to share on what they are upto, or funny one liners, and fb seems to be sufficient for that. Not only is it enough, it is also perhaps a better alternative. Truth be told, I visited a few friends’ blogs after a long long time, (I am visiting mine after quite a bit) and found posts that were at least 2 years old.

Makes me wonder if it’s just that the people I know, have grown out of blogs, not having time enough for it any longer, or if its a changing trend across age groups ?

Anyway, what I was coming to is, after ages of inactivity, I plan to write more frequently again. I think I have the time, and am bursting with ideas which I haven’t been able to share with people I interact with on a daily basis. (for various reasons)

I also wanted to do some modifications to the blog – widgets, theme and stuff. But I think that can wait. Content first 🙂

3 thoughts on “Is Facebook killing the Blog ?

  1. Hey..That is a sad part. Popularity of blogs has indeed a tad diminished. Facebook can never be used for serious writing stuffs. Its more about the narcissism that has gripped today’s world.

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