Nope. not that.

Watch Men
Watch Men

Nope. Not them either.

Yes. That!!

Ok, that was poorly done. Agreed agreed. Oh, let it go!!

Watched (that’s right) the Watchmen, yesterday. Technically it was yesterday, although, I did consider it the day before. First impressions – I liked the movie. I am saying that without putting too much thought into what it meant and what it stood for, and at the end of it, what did it offer.

The concept itself is a little far-fetched. (Hence fiction ? 🙂 ) American to the hilt. Maybe even more so than ‘The Hurt Locker’. But then the movie is extremely stylish. The action sequences are slick, and to be honest, some of the stuff , I found to be a little heavy – went right over my head.

Rorschach steals the show, with impressive acting. His acting is brilliant, and the gruff voice is simply amazing. There is a lot of depth to the character as well. IMHO Silk Spectre 2 is pretty hot, and I was a little surprised to see some sizzling scenes in the movie. The Comedian is comes across as macho but as a sadist. Dr. Manhattan is your regular science fiction – accident freak 😀 Night Owl is likeable and ends up bagging (bedding ? 🙂 ) Silk Spectre finally. His costume and gadgets does however make you wonder why he shouldn’t just be Batman ?

I’ll probably watch the movie again. Decent watch.


2 thoughts on “Watchmen

  1. Rorsach was awesome.. especially when he reads from that journal..”October 15th.. 1985..” etc etc 🙂 semma 🙂 otherwise the movie was pretty hot 😛 and a different perspective to the whole superhero look.

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