Three Hideous-My take on 3 Idiots

Two is company, three is …. Well, never mind.

So, I happened to catch 3 Idiots a couple of days back. That by itself says that I was not overtly influenced by the hype surrounding the movie. I mean, it’s an Indian movie afterall. I take that back. Let me rephrase it as it’s an Indian commercial movie afterall. 🙂

First impressions – Loosely, my ass. This is a proper rip adaptation of 5 point someone. Of course, to make it more appealing to the masses, and to take credit away from Chetan Bhagat (who I don’t think is all that great a writer anyway), it has been tweaked quite a bit. Let’s see, IIT is now ICE. Ah ha. How imaginative. Boman Irani has to talk funny, has to act funny. Hey, it’s a funny movie after all.

I heard about this publicity stunt wherein Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Chetan Bhagat had a spat. You know what, if either of you think that people will not notice that the film and book are almost identical, both of you are nincompoops. So while one of you needs to take it easy, and stop drawing so much attention to yourself, the other has to acknowledge that a rip is a rip. Call it adaptation, call it inspiration. Call it what you want.

I would rate the movie pretty ok. Sharman Joshi as always can’t act. Aamir Khan, goes overboard (I won’t go so far as saying as always), and Madhavan, can simply not be accepted as a college student. Not now, not even 5 years in the past. As for Kareena, the less said the better. She definitely doesn’t have the same charisma of the character in the book. (I forget the name)

As for the message of the movie, various scenes,  they are as cliched as they could be. This opening speech where Boman Irani talks about the astronaut pen, brought back some memories. I remember narrating the same thing, in my school assembly. (I don’t know what exactly we were expected to talk. All I remember is that I finished with the Russians had used pencil.)

The songs are pretty ok, once you listen to them a few times. At first hearing though, they don’t sound all too impressive.

Overall, I would say, it wasn’t all that bad a movie. (which coming from me, means a lot 🙂 ) It’s crazy how “All Izz Well” forwards are doing rounds in office. If you let yourself be influenced (well, if positively, then good for you) by movies like this, it is a sad sad thing. If you couldn’t think of the messages conveyed in the movie, by yourself, it’s pretty sad really.

I’d like to close with couple of comments

1) I anyday preferred the book to the movie

2) I could not guess till the fag end of the movie that Aamir Khan was Phunsukh Wangdu. That was a good twist 🙂 Something that needs to be given credit to.


8 thoughts on “Three Hideous-My take on 3 Idiots

  1. You din know khan was wangdu..damn i had so many hopes for you. 🙂
    I think if u didn’t relate book and movie u’d have enjoyed the movie lot more.

  2. @All,

    I think I was drunk when I wrote this review 😀

    I read it over, and it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

    I didn’t think about it at all. Not to mention, I was of the opinion, you didn’t have to use your grey matter when watching Hindi movies. 🙂 I was a little shocked to find out they expected me to

    You are right in a way about not comparing the book to the movie. I believe, the plot of the movie has nothign to do with the book, just the concept is borrowed.

    It’s like making your own Matrix movie, just borrow on a fantastic concept, write your own plot.


    He he. I should have written “Spolier Alert” in bold. Sorry about it.

    1. Hey Karthik! I agree-while everyone I knew raved about 3 Idiots, I really didn’t think it was that awesome. Ive read Five Point Someone and yeah, about 70% of the movie has been lifted from the book…

      I also think Chetan isn’t a great writer. He strikes me as someone trying too hard to sound funny…

      Anyhoo, I read your post about Arnab Goswami being a terrible anchor and I enjoyed reading the exchange that followed thereafter-u really did piss a whole lotta ppl off!

      1. @Anjali,

        I don’t consider Chetan Bhagat a great writer either, but I must agree, guy seems to be popular. 🙂

        I generally tend to piss a whole lot of people off. Sometimes, not even intentionally. heh

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