Don’t Try This at Home

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Whoa, whoa, whoa!! Ok, before you start imagining things, aw, what the hell, go ahead and imagine things. When you are done, open your eyes (yes, I thought you would feel the compelling need to close your eyes.) and read further, for you are going to be truly ..what’s the word I am looking for here ? Well, let’s read on.

Ok, moment of revelation. As sucky as what I think here to be sucky. MTR soup!!


// The post was initially titled Slurp, Suck. But renamed to the current title in better taste. 🙂

Although no authority on subjects of taste or that of cooking, I have to cook from time to time. And it is in such times that I fall back on instant food like Pasta, (more about them later) noodles, and since it is advertised to be healthy, SOUP!!

Having earlier  tried almost every available flavor from Knor and Maggi, I saw that soup from MTR was available in the super market. Now, being a consumer of their rasam powder and sambar powder, I had no apprehension in checking out their soup. So, I bought “Babycorn and Spring onion” – something thats not available from other brands. But I must say, I had to rue my decision.

Well one of the other reasons I picked up MTR was that the pack was bigger and weighed more. Well, if for the same price you get more, then I atleast go for ‘the’ more 🙂

The first shock was when I cut open the pack. Instead of seeing powder (as I am used to with other brands), I see a gooey paste. I do a double take and check out the pack, to make sure that it is indeed soup and not one of those ready-to-cook puches that you are supposed to put in hot water without opening. Well, it did turn out to be soup, but not quite.

Although not an expert on making soup, I think I did everything right (except empty the packet in one go, since it needed to serve only one as against the five that was mentioned on the pack.), but when I had the soup later, though it was pipping hot, it tasted more like …rasam.

Here’s presenting to you the site on MTR soup,

Well, except for the obvious editing, did you even see the work “TASTY” mentioned anywhere ? I see flavor, aroma and goodness. Well, guess what, I would also like it to taste good!! Ok, maybe they didn’t claim it and I should have paid more attention to what was written on the pack. Yes, it’s just random words that look like they mean something, but are just there so that your brain can’t make enough sense of it on time.

As one of my colleagues repeatedly likes to say (in spite of being terribly cliched), “Bottom line is, don’t buy this soup.” or, do so at your own risk.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Try This at Home

  1. Nice to see you’re blogging again. MTR once opened shop in Chennai as a restaurant and a couple of us went there. The soup they served was messed up, so my friend told one of the waiters – “I can’t drink this, the soup is quite bad”. The waiter takes the paper cup (yes they served soup in a paper cup), goes to the manager, talks, and what do you think he did? He comes right back with a bigger cup filled to the brim with the soup and says “Saari Saar”!

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