Demonoid is Back!! Yippe Kay Yay


What better news for a post, when you haven’t posted in a while ?

Demonoid is back!! Yeah baby.

Well, the first signs that the sight was going to be up, (IMHO), was when the torrents which were stuck for quite some time now, started showing some progress. That these torrents had stopped for sometime was a heartbreak, considering I was stuck on 90-odd % on some of them. But the wait I am sure will definitely be worth it!!

Here are some links about demonoid being back in business

Demonoid is Back

Demonoid Returns

If you ask me, this is even bigger news than Google coming up with Wave 😀

Don’t be surprised if you aren’t able to login immediately. After all, you do expect a mad rush!! And there might still be soem chinks in the new  code.

Here’s an interesting comment I read on Demonoid being back: “Damn it!!, They didn’t lose enough data. I am still banned.” 😛


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