A Drained Cell Phone battery and a Life Saved

This is in a way a continuation to my previous post. But I figured, this deserved a separate post. Well, coming close to missing a train is something, coming close to dying is another.

I am a freak when it comes to being organized. I make a checklist of things to take and things to do before I leave home on a trip. šŸ™‚ So, before I left home on 18th, I made sure that my cell phone had full charge. 100 percent. And knowing my phone and the awesome battery it has, if I don’t listen to too many songs and if I don’t talk all that much over phone. (Neither of which I planned on doing), the charge even lasts 2 days.

But hey, like a true Indian engineer, I did not take something else into account. The cell phone reception in this side of the country is not so great. Before I know, the charge is fast depleting. By 10 PM, my cell phone battery is squeezing out every little drop of energy it has, just to search for a damn network!! And soon, the battery is almost done.

Indian railways has come of age. Now, even the sleeper class compartments have a couple of cell phone chargers. It’s another thing that the plug points are the safety type, where if you have a two pin charger, God alone (or, if you have a pen and know how to use it) can save you.

I am in a dilemma. The charger is to the other end of the compartment and I am not sure if I should leave my bag unguarded. I finally decide to take the chance, because, without the battery, reaching my bro’s college was going to be tough. Plus I didn’t know anyone’s phone number by heart and I’d be lost without that.

So, I go to the other end of the compartment to get my phone charged.

Now, I can’t really say if I have had any near death encounters before, but this sure as hell wasn’t one. Not for me atleast. Well, but it could have been for someone else.

I am standing there, charging my phone, when this guy is trying to get up from the side lower berth, but is unable to get up. I look more closely, and find that he is fully drunk. By fully, I mean fully!! By now, my brain registers the sensation in my nose. This bugger is reeking of alcohol. He somehow falls down, manages to get up and all. I just stand clear. Who wants to get into an altercation with a drunk fellow ? What’s more, I am pretty sure, this guy had pissed all over himself. Disgusting, filthy animal. He was trying to head to the loo. I stay as far away from him as possible and he doesn’t pay me any heed either. Phew!!

Then in two quick strides, he heads to the train door and is trying to pull it open. Shit!! I tap him on his shoulder and show him the bathroom door. Thankfully, the train compartments door was tightly shut. This guy then falls to the floor in between the loos. You know, how they are facing each other. Now, I am not sure what to do. I sure as hell don’t want to witness someone jumping off a train. At the same time, I don’t want to try talking sense into a drunk man who has pissed all over himself.

I stand there for a while, just to make sure he doesn’t try jumping off the train again. And this guy is sleeping peacefully lying on the floor of the train. Finally, my phone charge reached 75% and I am also extremely sleepy. I check the bolt on the train door, and go to sleep.

Next day morning I headed to the same place. My phone battery was drained again. I see this guy sitting and talking with people, like nothing happened.

Well, if it hadn’t been for my cell phone battery, I am sure this guy would have been history. I simply don’t get why people have to drink so much that they have absolutely no control over what they are doing, going as far as to risk their life.

I think that’s more reason than enough for someone senile never to get drunk. Well, at leastĀ  not on a train.Phone Charger on a train

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