Misadventures with Food-Part 01/infinity

You know how as bachelors, you have to cook from time to time. (Well not everyone has to)

Well, I somehow don’t understand it. I mean, its tougher than Chemistry lab. The other day, I bought this pack of dried peas, and so I decide to use it. I open the pack, put it in a cooker and cook it with some rice. Voila!! You have pulav ready. Except, the peas aren’t cooked. What the ? Why the ? So I remove the peas from the rice and painstakingly at that, and have just the rice.

I decide to call my mom the next day and she tells me that dried peas need to be soaked in water for some time before being cooked. So yesterday morning, I soak some peas in a bowl, cover it up, and go to work. Somehow things get delayed at work, and I come home really late. (like today 🙂 ) And I forget all about it today as well. Can you blame me for my memory ? So when I come home today at night and go to the kitchen for some water, the whole place smells like peas.!! Man!! What a mess. Believe (you) me, never ever leave food items soaked for more than a few hours. Ill have to call my mom tomorrow and ask her “exactly” for how long I need to soak these peas.

(Oh, yes I threw out the stinky peas. Sometimes I wonder why I even venture out to cook.)


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