Trip To Rameshwaram

We had been to Rameshwaram from Chennai last week.We were there on Sunday. Here are a few pictures.  ( I did try to get the panoramic view, but was unsuccessful. Wikipedia has a pretty decent view):

The long tower you would see in a couple of pictures is the Doordharshan tower. (I have no idea what it is used for 🙂 )

While we were there, Anil Ambani (of Reliance) was also there. I did get to see him and his mother.

I got to take a dip in the Bay of Bengal and even swam a little. (After a really really long time.)

We stayed at this hotel called Hotel Sunrise. Apparently Anil Ambani was also put up there. Pretty expensive hotel, for a city like Rameshwaram. They charged around 1500 Rupees for a room.

We got to take bath in water from some 22 wells each representing a different place.

Pretty good trip overall. Came back to Chennai the next day by train.


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