“The” Flu

The writer of this blog post would like to refrain from making use of the term “Swine Flu” and hence the title of the post. (Oops, looks like I mentioned it anyway.) The writer would also like to refrain from putting up a picture of a pig on this post. (That will be more suitable in a post discussing the Ashes and how Ricky Ponting felt 🙂 )

Now, I am sure you all already get bombarded with thousands of mails, forwards and links to pages where there is information about swine flu. So I am going to stop short of pretending I am a medical practitioner and not offer any (free) advice.

I was cleaning my house yesterday and being allergic to dust, started sneezing uncontrollably. Well, dust allergy is a problem, especially if you are allergic to dust AND live in the house I live in. 🙂

So, I go on sneezing for about an hour, madly searching for Cetrizine pills (doctor prescribed, don’t worry.) and I can’t find them. Shit, shit!! so I do the next best thing. Go to sleep. 🙂

I wake up and almost immediately start sneezing. So I decide that Ill go out have dinner and then buy the pills. I go to a restaurant and start sneezing uncontrollably there as well. People turn and look at me uncomfortably. To add to the charade, my friend mouths the words Swine Flu 🙂  Now even the waiter was a little scared.

I was talking to a friend online, who also seemed to think that I should get myself checked for Swine Flu 🙂 Well, I have been abused a few times in life as a swine, but I don’t think I had the Flu!! So after dinner, I popped in the pills and slept. I got up in the morning feeling absolutely fine. No big deal.

I went to the restaurant again today, just to prove to the people there that I am absolutely fine, and in the “Prime of my Lime” 😀 But as my friend points out, poor families who were scared out of their wits.

P.S: Cetrizine makes you drowsy. I was feeling groggy till about evening.


4 thoughts on ““The” Flu

  1. A pic of pig?? Try uploading a pic of vijay allaiyan 😛 (ignore the spelling)
    and yeah, i have to try this out…in a place, like a hotel, i should start sneezing and pretend i have running nose! 😆

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