Dell XPS M1330 and M1530 have been Dicontinued ?

Looks Like the Good Old Dell XPS M1330 and M1530 have been Dicontinued. I was looking for a laptop for sometime now, and was able to see the M1330 and the M150 listed on both the US and the Indian Dell websites. Last I saw them was arond the 10th of this month (10-Jul-2009). Looks like since then, Dell has pulled these two models and you will no longer get them.

Dell XPS
Dell XPS

What does this mean to loads of people who simply fell in love with the XPS the first time they saw it ? Well, I don’t no really. XPS marked a new era for Dell, in terms of style and performance.

My brother bought a M1330 I think around a year back and my friend Vibushan bought a M1530 around the same time. I have seen and used both laptops and I must say both are fantastic.

With Studio XPS 13″ and 16″ coming into the scene, looks like, Dell thought its time they EOLifed the M1330 and M1530. But will people miss anything from these models ? For one, I hear that the new Studio XPS have heat issues. Next is that, leather or not, the new models have a glossy look and easily attract finger prints. If I remember right, the XPS models had a matte finish that didn’t attract finger prints all that much.

Next are two other aspects that maybe people don’t pay too much attention to. One is the beautiful sleeve that the XPS M1330 and M1530 came with. The second is the remote control that comes in the PCI slot. They were great add ons. You know what ? The sleeve in the Studio XPS looks rather lame. And there is no friggin remote !!! Bloody heck!!


I recently bought the Dell Studio 16 (also knows as XPS 1640). I haven’t had a chance to see it yet. (It’s still in New Jersery safely nestled in my sisters apartment there.) But then, Dell cheated me. They gave a shitty sleeve and there was no remote. For 1200$, thats a poor show Dell.

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9 thoughts on “Dell XPS M1330 and M1530 have been Dicontinued ?

  1. I noticed the XPS M1330s were discontinued today, after having purchased one in June… Mine didn’t come with a sleeve or a remote!

  2. @Vivek,

    It came, it wasn’t there. Dell sucks 🙂


    Looks like you picked one of their last pieces. I asked a few shops here in India and they all say that the remote has been discontinued with all the models. (Why Dell Why ???)

    As for the sleeve with m1530, Vibushan (who owns one) says he didn’t get one.

    You should ideally have gotten a sleeve.

  3. well guys, i have received an order to supply 5 xps 1530 though its discontinued, what to do, do you know any dealer who would have stock, specially in asia?

  4. @Vibushan,

    You Xps came with a laptop ? Wow!! 😉

    You got the backpack because you bought it from a retailer. Dell by itself does not by default throw the back pack in.

    But yes, my bro did get a bargain. (God knows how!!)


    Not really. We are just consumers.

  5. My xps 1530 came with Ubuntu Linux in it, and I am so sorry that they discontinued the product. I know others who bought the 1330. It is really sad that they discontinue the product. 😦

  6. Finally. The laptop is incredibly crappy. I’ve had the bloody motherboard die on me twice. Apparently it’s such a well known problem that every XPS M1330 and XPS M1530 user gets an extra one year warranty on their motherboards.

    Bloody thing overheats like nobody’s business. Given the choice, I’d probably have gone back in time and tried to get a Lenovo X200 or X300.

    The one good thing is that it has near perfect compatibility with Ubuntu. Everything works perfectly out of the box except the fingerprint reader.

    I paid Rs. 60,000 and got a remote, Dell BH-200 bluetooth headset, Creative EP-630 earphones, and the sleeve, I think.

    1. Whoa!! I just hope my motherboard doesn’t die on me. Mine overheats badly as well. Which is why I consider my laptop cooling pad a good investment. 🙂

      I remember reading about your laptop on your blog a couple of years back.

      I paid 1200$ for mine (Studio XPS 16), didn;t get the remote, didn’t get the bluetooth headset, didn’t get the EP-630, and got a crappy sleeve. But I don’t have a desktop where I stay. So, needed it. Maybe I could have gone in for a cheaper Studio.

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