Please Don’t Stop The Music

Well, firstly, if you are reading this and a song is playing on your computer, let it play on. πŸ™‚ It’s not about the song that’s playing on your machines though unless, of course coincidence of coincidence, you are playing Rihanna’s “Please don’t stop the music”.

I listened to this song only a few days back, but man, is it amazing or what ? It made me sway to the music, and I must say, not too many songs can claim to do that to me. I don’t really indulge myself by dancing. But for a pacy song such as this, even I felt compelled to do a tiny jig. I have been listening to the same song over and over again. It just gets better with each time.

But wait, there has to be a catch. And there is. Having listened to the song, so many times, I decided to check the video out at youTube. Oh, man was I disappointed or what!! Why am I disappointed ? Well, I have this image built up in my head that if a song makes me dance, then the people in it’s videos must be super-humans dancing like no one could. Then I see the video. I would advice people from watching it if you haven’t listened to the audio. If you have, I would still advice you from not watching the video.


Now, let’s compare that with this video, shall we ?


Here are some observations from the video:

1) Rihanna can’t dance.

2) The dance steps (if I can call it that) are very similar to what a Vijaykanth or a Rajini or say an Amitab Bachchan would do. I think those guysΒ  actually pull it off better.

3) Madonna though older, shows more enthusiasm, than Rihanna does in this video. Even Britney Spears is probably better.

4) Clapping your hands does not count as dance.

5) Adjusting your dress (ahem!! you should wear straps you know πŸ™‚ ) does not count as dance.

6) Clicking your fingers together most definitely does not count as dance.

7) “Walking” does not count as dance. (We thought we told Ajith that when he attempted it in Godfather (remake of the remake of Don) )

8) Standing in one place, while people around you are acting epileptic does not count as dance.

Only this other day, I was feeling bad that they don’t play English music any longer on Channel V and MTV. I remember the good old days when they used to play only english music there. But you know what ? Maybe it’s good they don’t. With such videos doing the rounds, it’s better to watch “Kaptain” dance.

10 thoughts on “Please Don’t Stop The Music

  1. Hey Karthik…Im surprised that u heard o this song only now…its bin ma favourite for quite sometime..Anyways,
    Rihanna, Madonna, and even Britney…are SINGERS to begin with…not every singer NEEDS to be a “super-human dancing like no one could”. It’s a bonus that they can at least do this much.

    Besides, u bein a guy…Im sure u enjoy watchin all that cat walkin and adjusting o clothes jus so that they reveal some more…and abt that grp o “epileptic” dancers…well they need to do something rite?? They cant come on some music video and jus get off without even acting epileptic.

    And, rest assured…u dnt want Kaptain or Rajinikanth or whoever doin all that on screen…We dnt wanna be blinded, do we?? πŸ™‚

  2. @Aruna,

    You shouldn’t be surprised at all. I have been living in the stone ages for quite sometime now. I am surprised I even remember how to post on my blog.

    I agree that Singers need not be good dancers. I don’t remember mentioning anywhere in the post saying singers should be good dancers. πŸ™‚

    “Guy” is generalization often stretched to its very limit. Let’s just say I didn’t enjoy watching this video.

    Is that Timberlake by any chance ? πŸ™‚

    As for your take on Rajini and Kaptain, aren’t they actors ? By your definition, you shouldn’t be expecting them to pull off dancing. Then again, you haven’t mentioned you expect that of them. πŸ™‚

  3. Well…
    1. If u didnt expect them to be good dancers…then what was this post about? Who among us is suffering some recent disorientation? In so many points, numbered at that, u’ve pointed out how all Rihanna isn’t all that great a dancer…was that supposed to in some very lateral way mean u werent expectin her to be a good dancer? Hmmmm…interestin…

    2. The fact that u ve put up a video of how Kaptain does a lil booty shake (if it can be called that) screams of ur take on him attempting to dance…
    I hope u remember, in ur work and kannada induced stupor, that in Tamil cinema, the hero is capable of anything under the sun. Rihanna, Madonna and not even Britney have that kind o expectations pinned on to them. So that means…bein a Tamil mass hero, ppl like Kaptain and Rajinikanth know that the onus is on them to DANCE…whether they can or not is beyond so many points…:D

    So as a Tamilian who watches their movies, I think Im quite justified in wanting “actors” to dance as well…I know that they cant dance at all…but tht’s d whole fun part o it…:)

  4. @Aruna,

    In so many points, numbered at that, I have pointed out how Rihanna isn’t a great dancer. So what ? I didn’t say she should be. Well, I was not expecting her to be a good dancer either. And even if I had, just because I expect her to be a good dancer, does not mean she needs to be a good dancer. There is nothing interesting about it. I thought it was plain simple.

    I can expect people to have common sense, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they need to have it. πŸ™‚

    In the second point, your connection is so long, that my intellect does not allow me to quite follow it.

    You wanting actors to dance is perfectly acceptable as long as you don’t apply your own laws of expectations on them. πŸ™‚

  5. U re a case o someone who lives in denial of any criticism…and even coats it with…errr…good language. So I no longer am gonna BOTHER arguing with u…i follow ur blog not becoz u ve some great points to make but for the kind o language…
    And hey,
    Im not that poor thing u outwitted each time using her own lines in that post on Arnab. So cut it. if u want to make a point counterin mine, USE UR LINES, not mine yeah??

    And if that 2nd point was too long for ur “intellect” to follow, well i have doubts if u write these posts urself or get them outsourced..? Or maybe u cudnt thnk o some smartass unrelated but seemingly related crap to spell out here? Lame.

  6. Hi Aruna! You’ve been here from the time of that Arnab nonsense and the Allfucker idiot? Nice. I wish you didn’t type in SMS-speak though. I find it hard to take you seriously.

    Karthik, you’ve embedded a video that says ‘Embedding disabled upon request.’ Also, be reasonable. Not everyone can be as good at dancing as this guy is.

  7. @Marc: Are u Karthik’s partner/mouthpiece?
    Can u for one f**kin moment stop assuming that the ppl who comment on KARTHIK’s blog are talkin to YOU?
    Stop bein so hugely self-impressed nd get a life, yeah?
    If u ve a blog (and that’s a goddamn BIG if) spend more time there rather than actin like some crazy parasite who lives off another.

    And I hope u havent taken me seriously coz, I still am using SMS-speak.

  8. @Aruna,

    Ok, some flared up tempers here. Got to placate.

    I don’t deny that that I live in denial of criticism. πŸ™‚ Well if you were criticizing me, then let’s say I wasn’t countering you. I was merely trying to make my point (clearer)

    I am thankful you follow my blog at all and no you are not the poor girl (thing is a little offensive, don’t you think ?) who I did “outwitted” (personally I don’t think of it as outwitting at all, but if that’s what you want to call it, why argue. πŸ™‚ )

    I know I am only going to anger you more by saying this, but how am I to counter what you said by using my lines ?

    As for your doubts on whether I write these posts, I am grateful that you think the person writing these posts must have some level of intellect. But yes, if I was indeed so dumb, I would outsource this to someone, in spite of not having any financial gains from this. And yes, I couldn’t think of any smartass, unrelated but seemingly related crap to spell out here. Honestly.

    (Waves white flag)


    No, Aruna has not been around (here at least) since the incident you are talking about.

    As for the video, just goes to show my dumbness again. πŸ™‚ (Or my laziness, or both)

    @Aruna (again),

    Hey, you need to keep your anger down a little. I know its hard when you read comments like mine and Marc’s, but if you think with a level head, it should not infuriate you at all.

    For what it’s worth, comments are just people’s opinions.

    That was a little rude, but Marc is neither my companion nor my mouthpiece.

    (cheekily) He does have a blog and it’s worth a read, if you can put this initial misunderstanding behind.

    (P.S: Marc really hates it when people don’t type out complete English sentences, use bold and uppercase extensively. He can be a pain in the ass at times. πŸ˜‰ He’s a pretty decent chap though.)

  9. Though it comes a lil late, here goes:

    I called that girl poor not because I wanted to belittle her (I think u did it in manners quite unmatched), but for the fact that she wasnt smart enuf to realise that she wasnt in ur league when it came to making her point against ur skillfuly “lifted” and improvised counters.

    And abt your concerns over how you’d counter someone WITHOUT using their lines: At least on a blog, the person whom u re arguing with can see what they ve previously written…that too all on the same page. So next time u should jus save urself the “effort” of reminding them abt wat they told you and jus get on with ur counter, if it can be called that.

    And, abt taking comments from you and Mr. Marc with a level head…I only wish u’d subject yourself to that peice of “advice” too: Take comments from me in the same way…if u did, then u neednt have bothered advicing me.

    And this Marc guy…he finds it hard apparently to take me serious owing to my lack o adherence to the proper way o writing English. That comment which u found rude….(on his behalf?), well that was filled with SMS-speak. So he shudn’t have technically speakin taken me seriously. And since I was talkin to him…u neednt have taken it to heart either.

    And am sure he d have this brilliant blog…but as I said, he d do so much better if he d jus mind his own awesome blog and the comments there, if any.

    And that entire thing abt u not being able to outsource ur blogwork because u werent making money out o it, well that was a classic example of sarcasm bouncing off someone…and yet u desrve some applause for letting it bounce only after it was cloaked in ur own brand o sarcasm. *Clap Clap*

    But beyond all this, I still do wave the flag…and hey its white too…PEACE.

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