I Be Cooker – Semiya Payasam

Semiya Payasam
Semiya Payasam

Yet another day when I couldn’t find time to go have dinner, and by the time I realised the fact, the shops were all closed. (Yes, in Mangalore, don’t expect even the restaurants to be open after 10:00 PM. If you ever commit that grave mistake, you will have to simply skip dinner. (Or manage with the biscuit packets and coke available in any one of the daring shops, who open their shutters till around midnight.)

So, I come home and I am terribly hungry. Now, I have one packet of Maggi, but that’s simply not going to be enough. Thankfully, I had bought milk in one of those “daring” shops I talked about. Now, what was I going to do with the milk ? Sure I had cornflakes, (I am quite stocked on that front with at least three varieties to choose from.) but I am bored of it. Plus, I need to be “daring” as well, what with the “potti kadais” setting precedent and all. What do you know, I have semiya ( vermicelli) and I have sugar!!

Well, I agree I don’t know abc of making payasam, but hey, it’s worth a try, and it wouldn’t be the first time that I threw something I cooked, if at all it went bad. So I did go ahead and make payasam/kheer. 🙂 It isn’t so bad after all. Just the right amount of sugar. Pity I didn’t have saffron, cashews and kismiss. ( dry/shriveled grapes ? 😀 )


8 thoughts on “I Be Cooker – Semiya Payasam

  1. Well well well, since no news hit the papers yet, I’m assuming it was palatable. 😀
    The way things go you can start an after-10 dhaba at your place.
    Business will be good.

  2. @Vivek,

    Didn’t you hear ? I was hospitalized.

    As for the business, thanks. Also, to start an after-10 dhaba, ill have to be in my place after 10.


    Starve to death then. I don’t know. Top Ramen could be better than Maggi, give or take, but I don’t think to the level you are portraying.

  3. @Marc,

    Ha ha

    So you think I haven’t had Top Ramen and Wai Wai ? Dude, I live away from home and have noodles almost on a daily basis. I have had almost everything that is available. My favorite is Curry Smoodles (Which I am sure you’ll hate.) So yea, opposite sides of a coin. Your taste buds react differently than mine to stimulus. Or your brain perceives it differently from mine. 😀

    1. Hi Shabs,

      The pic is indeed from MishMash’s site. I thought I had acknowledged it somewhere (and I generally do). I am not sure of how the ack is not present on the post. (Maybe I put it while uploading the photo and WP doesn’t display it ?) Anyway, I’ll edit the post to include an acknowledgement.

      Yours truly

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