The past one week of my life has been a blur. Why ? Well, lets see. For one, I have been going to office at around 9:30 ( yes, in the morning ) every day and returning home, well at around 4 am in the morning the next day. Whoa!! Talk about over working someone. Which means, I get less than 5 hours of sleep every day. Well, I am a guy who likes to sleep at least 8 hours a day. Two, I have had about 6 of the 15 meals I am supposed to have had over these past 5 days. ( Assuming you have 3 square meals a day ) Some times its lunch, at other times its dinner. And on all 5 days breakfast was totally out of question. 🙂

On one occasion, I had to crash in office because I was too tired to even come home. The same morning (not the next morning, mind you ) I was returning home when some early risers were coming to office.

Man, what has life come to ? And the best part is, they ask you to work so long and when its time for your appraisal, they hold the same against you saying “If you were efficient, you could have gone back home at 6 in the evening. I am going to have to grade you a B for efficiency.” Efficiency, my ass !! If I could grow too more arms, and work on two PC’s simultaneously, I would still not be able to complete such huge volumes of work by 6.

Oh and if you thought how I had the time to write this post, if I claim to be so busy after all, I am waiting for a couple of batch jobs, I am testing to complete. 🙂 Life at it’s very best!!

As my project manager (an amazing person for whom I have a lot of respect) once jokingly remarked, “Work Life balance is like this. For the first 21 years of your life you have LIFE. For the next 40 years, you have WORK. If you survive that long, the remaining is again LIFE” Now I see it was experience speaking.

P.S: I normally don’t crib about work, but then 18 hour work days is something even I cannot take over a period of a week. Especially for the  (meagre little thing they call) salary I get paid.


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