Of SuSus, PooPoos and Sour Grape Juice. (Yuck!!)


DISCLAIMER: This post is not meant to be taken seriously. The author suggests taking it in a lighter vein. (No, not intravenous drugs. I am against drugs!! ) The post is also best taken with a pinch of humor (or snuff if you actually are in the habit. No wait, that is disgusting too!! ) The characters and themes appearing in this post are “absolut-ly” “triple distilled” fictional and any relation with beings either living, dead or brain dead is coincidental. (Yeah, right!!)ย  If you can think a better title, you are most welcome. For people of the opinion that I try too hard, you don’t know yet. (wink)


An interview with Vrakash Parma, who directed the commercials of SuSus for MO6 and the creators themselves.

Mr Parma, first things first. How did you get such a creative name for the characters ?

That’s something you will have to ask the creators. They are the creative ones. I just shoot.

( At least you shoot straight.) So let’s talk to the creators now. Mr. KamKaro Jao , How did you think of such a name ? I must confess, lots of my friends, me included are enthralled.

Well, as a kid, I used to go to the Jijamata Udyan Zoo very often. It is only natural … Oh wait a minute, wait a minute, why am I explaining about a zoo ? It’s actually because the people wearing these costumes had a difficult time getting out of it when you know, (ahem) nature calls. (Sheepish smile) Hence Susus. If you are wondering why not another rhyming word, then it boils down (ha ha ha) to the frequency really.

Oh (coughs..), naturally. And very clever. Care to tell us about the concept ?

It’s very simple really. I was sitting in my bedroom one fine afternoon, wondering “Why, these days everyone is into animation so much. In a way animated characters were stealing the charisma of humans. Hence I got to thinking, why not make an animation like advertisement with humans in it, instead ?

Wow!! That’s simply won-der-ful. Creativity at it’s peak. Are you sure you didn’t rip it off Bybendum ?

By Ben who ?

Not Ben. The Michellin Man!! Or, wait was it the mummies ?

Michelle in what ? And whose Mum ? Surely, I have heard of no such thing. You got to be donutsย  if you are accusing me. I am always one revolution ahead!!

Ya, Right!! So what’s this new branch of ad-making going to be called ? Surely, there will be others who will copy you. This is India afterall.

Oh, I haven’t given it any thought really. But yes, now you bring it up, we Indians will copy it anyway. And keep copying it till everyone is bored of it. I think people will think of a title eventually.

Back to Mr. Parma. Ok, so tell us, Mr. Parmaย  What were the challenges you faced ?

The material was a big challenge. I mean we were initially just using a white sheet. But then someone notices that one, the sheets wrinkled a lot and two, instead of looking like cute creatures, these were now looking more like banshees.

So, you found an alternative we hear ?

Yes, we tried this material called “perspirex”, but that just made people sweat a lot. As a result of which there were no nature calls, and we couldn’t call these things susus any longer. That would have been a collapse of the entire concept. We couldn’t let that happen.

Oh, so ?

Well, this one guy who writes wise ass posts in his blog, gave us this suggestion and I must confess it’s wonderful and simple. Coming to think of it, I should have thought of it myself.

Uh-huh ? What is this suggestion ?

Toilet paper!! We just had to roll this person in toilet paper. And nature calls were no longer a problem. We just had to remove some portion of the covering (which was useful for other things) and cover em back once the business was done. Jolly good, I say.

Jolly good indeed.

Ladies and gentlemans, let there be applause.

5 thoughts on “Of SuSus, PooPoos and Sour Grape Juice. (Yuck!!)

  1. The ads are pretty good in my opinion… But, this is a good post. You are no longer a software trainee, so change that in the moi section. Or else!!

    Btw, did you hear, they closed down gazebo?

  2. You guys thought this is about ZooZoos ? Hell, no. I love those ads. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    Well, who knows ? It must be just like how I don’t like “Pulp Fiction” ๐Ÿ˜‰


    I was actually hoping for people to come all guns blazing saying, “You moron, the ads are good!! Go get a life!!”. I mean if you write incendiary remarks about something as popular as this, you expect people to be antagonized.

    Hey we guys are still BT aren’t we ? Ya, I heard about Gazebo. Pretty sad really. Apparently the reason they gave for shutting it down was
    (i) Littering the place. (They had done away with the cleaners in the wake of recession.)
    (ii) Feeding cats!!!! (Can you believe that ? )
    (iii) And as always because opposites attract, especially in the dark ๐Ÿ˜‰


    We are not talking about ZooZoo are we ? Was there a SuSu in the old ghost buster movie ? ๐Ÿ˜€

    Besides, I watches ghost busters so long ago, that I wouldn’t know if what you are saying is fact or you as always being funny/punny/sir-cast-ic (miss-spelt intentionally (mis-spelt intentionally))

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