Soup In a Soup

I caught a cold somehow couple of days back. Blame it on the rains, blame it on me sweating it out in the gym (a white lie), blame it on the lack of sleep thanks to never ending work hours (another lie). So I have been trying whatever I can to make things better. Or so I thought.

Just before writing this post, I had just come home and sat down to check my mails. I was doing so, when all of a sudden I could smell something burning. Holy $#!% !! I go to the kitchen to find a tar like substance brewing in the saucepan on the stove. Ah, yes, just before I sat down to check my mail, I thought I’d make myself a cup of soup before dinner. I was kinda looking forward to it, actually. Hoping that it would clear away my cold to an extent. (I put a lot of pepper in it. 🙂 ) Instead I have an almost solid remnants of the soup that would have been delicious no doubt. Not to mention, I have to clean that darn vessel now.

Now, Ill just have to go have my dinner with no soup 😦


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