Are Zoozoos such a big deal ?


Everywhere you see these days, be it on television, be it on newspapers, be it on the Internet, you find “ZooZoos”. They don’t even spare your official e-mail id. People even in your office flood it with forward after forward about “Zoozoos”!!

Personally I don’t get what’s the big deal with it anyway. I mean I know there is a huge fan following for these commercials. People who go all “How cuteeee” and become 5 year olds again. I am sure there is at least one person reading this post who unconsciously smiles every time a Zoozoo advertisement is played on TV. (At least till you read this. Sorry, if I make you conscious the next time.)

To me, these are just annoying advertisements. I mean, I know its cute!!!…. and all, but if you sit back and think (maybe over a cold beer), what does that advertisement mean really ? How does it in anyway concern Vodafone or what service they offerΒ  ? The link is rather thin.vI mean there are these (not)-animated characters on screen making weird and annoying sounds/noises/grunts. I am not taking anything away from the ad-maker, though. I mean nice concept and all. But it could have been put to better use. Something more meaningful perhaps ?


20 thoughts on “Are Zoozoos such a big deal ?

  1. It is having some artistic value.
    When i saw zoozoo for the first time, i thought How well they did the motion capture for animation(we still don’t have such a good technology to do that good motion capture).
    But the amazing fact is, it isn’t animation. they are real people. the designer did an original work.

  2. In my opinion, the ad-maker must be congratulated for his creativity.

    Funny (or lets say silly), it sure has made a lot of ppl smile, hsn’t it?

  3. In my opinion, the ad-maker must be congratulated for his creativity.

    Funny(or lets say silly)or not, it sure has made a lot of ppl smile, hsn’t it?

  4. @Vivek,

    After a while ? After a while ?


    I agree it is creative. Full credit for that.


    Loads of people share that opinion. And I quite agree with it. People in O&M are pretty creative.

    It has indeed made a lot of people smile, but it still makes me frown every time I see it.

  5. These adds seem to be so weird…no product connect…don’t really know what they are trying to convey…I hate the shrill noises made by these ugly creatures and the very look of them…Karthik it makes me frown too every time i see it…i dont understand why he chose humans to do it…like when there’s an efficient and established way to do it with animation, by using humans he has proved that he just wants to be creative just for the heck of it …if it serves any purpose then it cud have been understood …also I think adds are created to make the sale go up for a company…dont really think that zoozoos will boost up sales for vodafone …kids will love them n some gown ups as well will love them and the story ends there … and last but not the least ..the message that comes at the end …’make the most of now’ seem to be gramatically incorrect …make the most of what ??? …cud have been better phrased as ‘make the most of it now’ ….

  6. @Gaurav,

    Good to know a few other people feel the same way as well.
    Unfortunately, I believe the people who think Zoozoos are nothing great form the minority here. And unless we form a substantial vote base during elections, I don’t think anyone is going to stand by us. πŸ˜€

  7. Till date I thought I was the only one who thought that they were making a big deal and loads of fuss about some zooozooo watever.Gr8t to know I’m not alone. πŸ™‚
    Btw, Awesome blog !

  8. The truth is it’s a sheer marketing trick…

    Basics… impress your customer, make him your friend, or make him think you will only do him more good…

    then sell your dog-crap, and he’ll happily buy from you.

    period !

  9. Yep, ur rite, but this concept is making waves, it even made u post on it.. and the whole point in getting viewers attracted, zoozoo scores!

  10. @Gracelyne,

    You will never find yourself alone on the world wide web. πŸ™‚


    You seem to speak from experience. πŸ™‚ Now I know why they had that dog in the first place.


    Firstly, nice to know there is a fellow blogger out there who finds time to read my blog.

    Zoozoos are making waves. I don’t deny that. But please don’t make anything out of me posting on it. That’s like someone making a fool of himself/herself in public, and gloating that people paid them plenty attention.

    And Zoozoo’s better score. This IPL was so drab on that front. (Save the cheerleaders πŸ˜‰ )

  11. It could have been put to better use. Something meaningful?’

    May I ask, how?
    The ad is very creative and we should be lauding the maker that he gave us a chance to be five year olds who go…’how cute…’
    How can a zoozoo be annoying?!

  12. @Veena,

    I don’t know. I guess it’s just how people perceive things.

    Just like you would probably say you love pop music, I guess. πŸ™‚

    As to how it could have been something more meaningful, if I knew that, I wouldn’t be writing sorry a** blog posts, now would I ?

  13. guess a lot has already been said and posted.
    for all those who think this isnt creative enough, guess u need to re-check.
    how long did it take for u all to know it wasn’t even animated??thats proof enough its a damn good job in just half the expenditure.animation costs!!

    its a very nice concept -simple and communicative- design is most difficult when u need to create sumthing simple.

    cheers to zoozoo and people behind it!!

    1. That they are irritating overcompensates any amount of creativity that they might have put in.

      There is no point to being creative if it seves no purpose.

  14. critics r rite but i think sumtimes illogical thins add spice n fun 2 ur life….
    everytime one shud nt think of logics,,connectivity vd main issue,,reasons,,explanations etc etc..
    n if v do tat wats d difference between us n machine..
    i mean c’mon,,they look so good.i reallf find ’em cute

  15. listen….we definitely do understand wat the add means..nd wat the act refers…….u shud get into ur head that every vodafone zoozoo add indicates an offer or a facility…..and zoozoos r very cute.

  16. @Vidushi,

    Agreed that one should not search for logic in everything in life.


    Listening… When you say we, whom are you representing ? How big a group ? Speak for yourself.

    I get that by using some far fetched idea they are advertising a ‘Value Added Service’, but you might as well do it without using Zoozoos.

    The maxim ‘What’s popular isn’t necessarily right and what’s right isn’t necessarily popular’ comes to mind.

    Zoozoos – stupid and irritating – yet popular.

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