If you laughed at my photo on sunset, here’s more to laugh at. Sometime last month, I came back from Coimbatore at around 04:30 AM and to my dismay found that I had a mound of clothes that I was supposed to wash like only a month back. (That’s exaggerating it a bit) So I was stuffing my clothes in the washing machine, when I saw the sun starting to appear. It was hard to resist taking a couple of snaps.

The photos are separated by approximately 20 minutes. My bloody bedroom faces the east and the sunlight wakes me up every morning. Darn!! I would rather, my bedroom faced west.


5 thoughts on “Sunrise

  1. Hey!
    I found your blog while doing a google search on Arnab Goswami…THAT post on him was hilarious!!!!!! 😀 But, the comments section was d killer!! ;D
    I have to say this:
    Ur command on the English language, displayed liberally in that comments section, has held my fascination since the time I spotted ur blog…

    I know this comment is irrelevant to this post…but hey! U ve blocked comments on that post…so….yeah…:)


    Aruna Iyer

  2. @Vibushan,

    Bayangaram can mean different things in varying degrees.


    Some would say command over the English language 😉 Thanks anyway (I don’t think too many of my friends would agree with you though.)

    I am thinking of (re-)opening comments on that particular post. The comments section needs a little work, before I do that though.

  3. hmmmm….nice…jus another display o ur command OVER the English language, I guess! Jus tht I had to be at the receiving end o it 😦 :p

  4. @Aruna,

    It’s easier to find mistakes than not to make them. There are some people who get a kick out of finding errors even in newspapers. 🙂 Not such a big deal, you know.

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