Bajaj Looking at Commercial Success through Transformation

If that title made little or no sense to you, it’s actually fine. It didn’t make sense to me either. It should probably have been “Bajaj Looking at Success through Commercial Transformation” ๐Ÿ™‚ย  I know it sounds that way, but it’s not a press release on how Bajaj (auto) is going to expand in the current Indian market or anything on those lines either. It has absolutely nothing to do with Tata Nano.

If you have watched a little television of late, and are not the kind that has remote in one hand and potato chips (could even be pizza) in another, and keeps switching channels whenever commercials pop up, then you should have seen the new Bajaj DTSi commercial. Keeping in line with their earlier commercials like Pulsar Mania , they have come up with an advertisement that is truly stunning. However, I kept wondering how these guys used the Transformers concept. I don’t really know if the advertisement firm that came up with this ad got some kind of a permission with Hashbro, but if they didn’t, then I’d say its stealing an idea really. But who knows, maybe they did, or maybe it’s not any violation after all. I wouldn’t know the legalities. All said and done, the ad rocks.

Here’s the video:

According to the person who posted the video on youtube, it is created by Leo Burnett India & directed by Tarsem. Leo Burnett’s site is pretty cool in itself. Worth checking out.

P.S: If you haven’t seen the ad, I suggest you do. If you have seen the ad and still don’t get what transformation I am talking about, you should seriously consider watching this movie.


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